JamarzOnMarz Releases “Amnesia”

JamarzOnMarz, an Australian Lyricist and Saxophonist, releases his first single, ‘Amnesia’, from his forthcoming debut project. After the release of the Spotify Viral Chart hit, ‘Fire Extinguisher’, JamarzOnMarz is making a return to his worldwide audience with another controversial hit, but this time produced by the renown CashMoneyAp. Lyrically, ‘Amnesia’ delves into an uncharted Hip-Hop territory, as it dabbles with themes of gay sexuality and culture, and calls for a reinvigoration of competitive rap in Australia.

“I’m in my own lane. Who else can get straight people rapping gay lyrics?” – JamarzOnMarz

Three things inspired Jamarz’ amnesia: one, Grindr ‘hook-ups’ that became possessive (Jamarz identifies as gay), two, the use of party drugs inherent in gay nightlife culture, and thirdly, the Australian music industry overlooking his talent and accomplishments. Jamarz cements his self-proclaimed rise to rap “suprem[acy]” with clever plays on his sexuality; “Our closets aren’t on par, masc[uline] can’t match marz bar for bar”, and his alto saxophone subtly sampled throughout the track.

On a recent Instagram Live, JamarzOnMarz stated that ‘Amnesia’ is “the greatest Australian rap song, ever”. Jamarz’ confidence has built up over the past year following a performance with Solange in her band; for four sold-out shows at the Sydney Opera House, a set at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games on a LGBTQ line-up; with Courtney Act and Marcia Hines, and a Guinness World Record Toga Party; at the iconic Riverstage in Brisbane.