Section 6ix artist Nabiiou$ shares his top 5 local artists on the rise

Perth Artist Nabiiou$ shares his top 5 local artists after releasing the single ‘Ten Toes feat. Pitty last year.

Nabiiou$ is a key member of the highly underrated and hungry rap collective, Section 6ix which includes artists such as Roi Choisi, Lordskii and many more.

After the release of Ten Toes last year we wanted to dive deeper with Nabiiou$, having him share his top 5 local artists. Check out the list below.

Furious Fusionz: Dun Finesse x Kay Mass

Figuero Jones x Sowdy

Home Baked: Luchii x Evanda x Kinglear

Miso Seup


If you’re an artist who wants to share their top 5 local artists, please reach out via our contact page.