POSSESHOT II Is Officially On Its Way And It’s Smokin’

Melbourne underground Kings, Mr.Muscles & KHA have been working tirelessly over the past 13 months on their upcoming release PS2. Their aim, to craft something memorable for the ages. Made of blood, sweat and tears PS II is a monument in time representing an underdog Melbourne city story.

We’ve already been treated to 2 massive singles from this release including the first single ‘Hothead’ which features production by KHA. This was quickly followed by the second single ‘Diamond In The Rough’, a head nod inducing joint, that speaks to that ‘real’ Melbourne Hip Hop sound.

PSII picks up from where PS1 left off and continues the saga into the journey of Posseshot. Comprising 12 tracks, PSII is full of heart, raw emotion, strong ballads & packed with Melbourne madness.

PSII is sure to quench your thirst for heavy lyrics, deep samples and art. Be quick to secure your collectors packs here. There are two currently on offer.

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