Mitchos Da Menace Releases Heavy-Hitting Single ‘Thoughts’ Ahead of Album Release

Coming in like a mission statement, Mitchos Da Menace releases a heavy-hitting new single ‘Thoughts’ ahead of album release Pray For Them. 

Digging into his past, ‘Thoughts’ is a personal journey for Menace. Growing up in a domestically violent home, the rapper’s story unravels what it was like to grow-up in a broken home and learn from those experiences. 

Menace deconstructs the single, stating “I realised that, that’s life, and that’s what happens but I still wanna fly away. I want my baby mumma and my sons to know I’ll never hurt them. I don’t want them to go through what I did,”

I want people to take the realness it is and I know a lot of people can relate in a major way being form the harder parts of Australia and to remember that we are all human.”

Having peppered the scene with music over the last few years, Menace’s latest offering shows a new era of his musical career. Building a repertoire of realness and reliability, the single is just a teaser of what the rapper has ready for us with his new 8-track project Pray For Them set to drop end of May which features the one and only Kerser.

Stepping in from Sydney’s West, Mitchos Da Menace reels you in to his records with his accounts of life, dreams and hustles with his rhythmic flows. His lyrical finesse and seasoned flow mixed with his rapping ability has become unquestionable.

Menace has developed into one of the only artists who can lay claim to having collaborated with a largely who’s who of hip hop artists in Australia over the last few years including Nter, Flowz, Alex Jones, Triple One, ChillinIT and many more. 

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