Back Kadet & LStreet Release Aussie Rules Mixtape Round 1

Bace Kadet and LStreet team up for the ultimate Mixtape release titled AUSSIE RULES!

Forget those shitty blog playlists filled with their mates tunes or paid placements, the DJ set is here to kill all that. Playlists have always been a tiresome plight on the streaming experience. Say goodbye to that bullshit and celebrate the skill of the DJ in the process with a mix of your favourite underground tunes.

Respected by both traditionalists and newcomers, Bace Kadet is Perth’s go to hip hop DJ. An omnipresent member of Perth’s club circuit, Bace also works heavily within Australia’s underground and independent hip-hop scene. DJ L-Street is also from Perth and has been a club, radio and tour DJ since the late 90s. He has supported numerous international artists including Lil Uzi Vert and local legends such as Kerser.

Described as “the lockdown sesh anthem” by a random user on SoundCloud, AUSSIE RULES features tracks from Fortay, Huskii, Kerser, DJ Discretion, Youngn Lipz, Hooligan Hefs, Aitch, NME, Mitchos Da Menace and a heap more. This is the mix you need to hear right now.