Beastside & Tenth Dan Share New Hip Hop Single “Cheezy Pasteezy”


Today, Beastside are debuting the first single off their third release. Suitably named “Cheezy Pasteezy,” this single marks the beginning of a 13 week saga whereby the East Sydney rap crew will release a song every 7 days. The project is called The Data Recovery LP and is named after an album that was once thought lost to the hard drive gods but has now been salvaged for release during these unknown times.

This project reveals the newest output from the group since they released their second record “Timeframed” through Big Village in 2017. “Cheezy Pasteezy” is big, trappy, in your face hip hop that thanks nobody and expects no thanks in return. Enlisting the help of Blue Mountains rapper Tenth Dan, better known as your favourite rappers favourite rapper, “Cheezy Pasteezy” brings the east and west together in a brain shaking bass heavy track that weaves in an oriental lead synth. In a climate where it’s beats over lyrics, Beastside and Tenth Dan break the mould and bring both to the table in equal measure.

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