Def Wish Cast – Forever

Forever is the 2nd release from their forthcoming album, Evolution Machine, which features production from Sydney’s king of beats, The Manipulating Agent from Invada Records, Katalyst. The track pays homage to the incredible 20 year career that Def Wish Cast has endured. The journey hasn’t always been easy, but through hard work and sheer determination, Def Wish Cast has proven, time and time again, that they are here to stay. They will be here forever, because it is their passion for Hip Hop culture that drives them… The video is a preview of the upcoming Def Wish Cast documentary, and … Continue reading Def Wish Cast – Forever

Def Wish Cast – Dun Proppa

Since the initial days when hip hop culture first arrived in Australia, there are many who’ve become obsessed with the traditional four elements; B-boying/B-Girling, Emceeing, Deejaying and Graffiti. They symbolise hip hop at its most pure and are the living embodiment of all four elements in their rawest form as each member was born from the 80’s explosion. Def Wish Cast embraces all the aspects and ideology but never imitates. They created something localised that was revered and is now mythologised: they are Def Wish Cast; they are Australian; they are Hip Hop. In 1990 Def Wish Cast began taking … Continue reading Def Wish Cast – Dun Proppa