Knoe – Lemonade EP

This young artist resides in the suburbs of Perth city, Western Australia, where he strategically works towards becoming one of the most prolific underground rappers of today. Along with his own work quietly heating up behind the scenes, KNOE is also an integral part of the recognised Perth bass music faction, DeadWeight! Crew.  This alliance paved the path to such stage appearances with Jakes (H.E.N.C.H Recordings), KOAN Sound, Seven (formally known as Eddy Woo) and multi-award winning dubstep DJ and producer, N-TYPE. All this late night grind has led to KNOE finding his feet and creating a smooth yet belligerent … Continue reading Knoe – Lemonade EP

Skyzoo Performs In Sydney & Melbourne

Growing up just a block away from The Notorious B.I.G., watching him go from local corner boy to rap superstar, Skyzoo couldn’t help but dream big. The Brooklyn, NY native saw life in all of its heaven and hell splendor being from the infamous home of Jay-Z and “Do The Right Thing“. He started rapping at age nine, writing about what he witnessed on his daily routines as a child. Those years of observation and living have turned into first person narratives that have labeled Skyzoo as a “new legend” and have led to his albums being critically acclaimed by fans … Continue reading Skyzoo Performs In Sydney & Melbourne