KNOE – Lemonade EP

Meet the poetically cruel, the fiercely independent the one and only KNOE. This young artist resides in the suburbs of Perth, where he strategically works towards becoming one of the most prolific underground rappers of today.


Along with his own work quietly heating up behind the scenes, KNOE is also an integral part of the recognised Perth bass music faction, DeadWeight! Crew. This alliance paved the path to such stage appearances with Jakes (H.E.N.C.H Recordings), KOAN Sound, Seven (formally known as Eddy Woo) and multi-award winning dubstep DJ and producer, N-TYPE.

All this late night grind has led to KNOE finding his feet and creating a smooth yet belligerent sound un-heard of within the local hip hop scene. KNOE’s unique qualities have enabled him to break away from the stereotypical hip hop mould and be recognised internationally for his rhyming ability.

2013 has seen KNOE’s collaborative work with New Jersey emcee TE released on her latest mixtape Keeng, and with prominent Brooklyn writer Skyzoo for the single Push, scheduled to be released on KNOE’s upcoming EP Lemonade. KNOE has already been in great demand this year with him supporting Action Bronson, P-Money and performing along side Skyzoo for the west coast show of his debut Australian tour, A Dream Deferred.

KNOE’s first EP for the year entitled Lemonade is a small insight into his demons and a sour taste of the irony behind life experiences. Lemonade looks to not disappoint the ever-growing hype building behind this artists story- telling and poetic ability.

KNOE looks to cement his rightful place at the top of the food chain, with aggressive yet realistic delivery unique to anything heard before. Keep your ears to the pavement.

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