Uncomfortable Beats Natural Selections

Natural Selections marks the 7th compilation album to drop from Melbourne’s eclectic Uncomfortable Beats label. Jam packed with over 20 different electronic and jazz influenced creations from artists across the globe including Je$u$, Roleo, Jae Genius, YLWFRND, Wermonster, Bambu Hands, Amin Payne, DOC Mastermind, Dusty Ohms, Midflite, Able8 & many more. Grab Natural Selections for Free or Donation pricing from the Uncomfortable Beats Bandcamp site. Continue reading Uncomfortable Beats Natural Selections

Akai Pro MPC Ren

As OG as MC Ren, Akai Pro’s new(ish) MPC Renaissance is both a nod to the past, but embraces the future with open arms at the same time. Akai Professional has been a pivotal brand in the world of hip-hop since the beginning. Classic MPC’s such as the MPC60, the 3000 and 2000 were (and continue to be) the tool of choice for some of hip-hop’s most prolific and revered beatmakers of all time. Dilla, Premier, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Dre, Kanye – it’s a veritable who’s who of super-producers. Whilst staying true to their roots, the all-new MPC Studio … Continue reading Akai Pro MPC Ren

Amin Payne x Ben Bada Boom – Collision

In this day and age distance, time and space no longer present the barriers that they previously did. Collision the brand new future beats and instrumental Hip Hop EP from Amin Payne (AUS) and Ben Bada Boom (GER) is testament to this. Having never met in person yet sharing similar and different views of music have collaborated on a musical journey encompassing sound bytes swapped over the digital landscape into a product. This journey showcases the strengths of both of these producers and aims to deliver a unique style. Collision, is the result of two producers, from two different parts of the world. … Continue reading Amin Payne x Ben Bada Boom – Collision

Tom Showtime – Spaces & Places Melbourne’s Finest Remixes

Eight of Melbourne’s finest producers remix Spaces & Places, the Tom Showtime single featuring Gift of Gab, Lotek & Ash.One taken from The Jam Thief. With Dub, Breaks, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi and Future Beats this release truley showcases the diverse sounds of Melbourne’s music makers. Featuring Remixes By: Amin PaYne, Lotek, Copycat, Jects, SNESmega, KelBeats, Moonshine, & Skomes. Purchase  ||  Soundcloud  ||  Tom Showtime Official Continue reading Tom Showtime – Spaces & Places Melbourne’s Finest Remixes