Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 7” Casebook

In 1992, an unsuspecting hip-hop world was bumrushed by a force that would dominate its consciousness for the next two decades (and, some would say, more): the nine-member Wu-Tang Clan Let’s count them off, because these are names that any hip-hop fan should know and revere: Prince Rakeem (aka The RZA), The Genius (aka The GZA), Ol’ Dirty Bastard, (Shallah) Raekwon, Inspectah Deck (aka Rebel INS), Method Man, Ghost Face Killer (aka Ghostface Killa), U-God and Masta Killa. The group had been bubbling up via various routes and musical tentacles since the late ’80s, in most of New York’s five … Continue reading Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 7” Casebook

Topics drops debut EP ‘Away With Words’

The beast from East Arnhem Land all up in your speaker! Here we have the debut EP from emcee Topics, titled Away With Words. This one has been coming for a minute now, and was released about a week ago. Comprising 8 tracks, filled with some tasty boom bap flavour, you’ll hear production from aussieozborn, Vampts, CJ Beats and more. Emcee’s Percepts, Atticus, and Sizr appear with a verse or two and Prospeks holds it down on the cut front.  Away With Words as an album crawls out from the undergrowth of the local Hip Hop scene to push through the ever growing amounts of pop bullshit … Continue reading Topics drops debut EP ‘Away With Words’

B Wise Prince Akeem

Sydney emcee B Wise is back with an infectious new single, ‘Prince Akeem’. Produced by Raph Lauren of Jackie Onassis, it’s an upbeat colourful track named after Eddie Murphy’s character in Coming To America (B Wise’s favourite film growing up), which sees B visualising a life of royalty. The son of a country girl from Stockinbingal and a man from Nigeria, due to the colour of his skin Wise suffered bullying throughout his childhood. It was a little white lie from his parents, explaining that other kids were jealous of Wise’s Nigerian royalty heritage that gave B Wise a sense … Continue reading B Wise Prince Akeem

Review: Juñor weGOTthis

A brand new track landed on our desks last month from the R.E.A.L Music Families artist Juñor. Juñor is an up and coming emcee/producer and DJ hailing from Melbourne. His brand new track titled weGOTthis is an absolute burner. Drawing inspirations from artists such as Kid Cudi, Flatbush Zombies, JMSN and DJ Shadow, Juñor fucks with a vibey landscape, seamlessly blending reality and dreams into a singular landscape. weGOTthis is a track reinforced by it’s themes and concepts, a song about believing we’ll achieve our dreams and over come obstacles in our path. All this written under the guise of a love … Continue reading Review: Juñor weGOTthis

Brisbane, what the fuck is in your water?

Fundamental Elements release The Prerequisite on Clockwork Records Brisbane, what the fuck is in your water? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for a moment now. As a whole, the Hip Hop scene in Australia has always prided themselves on ‘staying true to the art’. Whatever your interpretation of that broad sweeping statement may be. If we take a closer look, there are few cities that embody that ethos perfectly. Some would argue none more so than Brisbane. The hip hop coming out of Brisbane lately has been outstanding. It continues to rate as some of the best underground hip hop from … Continue reading Brisbane, what the fuck is in your water?

Astronomy Class hit WOMADelaide 2015

One of Australian Hip Hop’s more diverse trios, Astronomy Class feat. Srey Channthy attended WOMAD 2015 over the weekend showcasing their unique musical style with their third album ‘Mekong Delta Sunrise’. Having  performed with Srey Channthy, from the Cambodian Space Project only a handful of times the audience were treated to the creative exploration of hip hop beats by Astronomy Class. The on-stage energy did not leave one person in the audience untouched as the story of the Khmer Rouge genocide and the death of  Cambodia’s musical greats was unwoven by the albums display of reggae, club, psych and Khmer – pop. So … Continue reading Astronomy Class hit WOMADelaide 2015

This Kids Got Beats For Days

Little Wonder Productions release’s Oath – 2wenty8days By now, you may have heard of a little independent label based in Victoria doing BIG, BIG things. Little Wonder Productions is a hip hop, funk and soul label involved in the production, manufacture and distribution of its products on various audio formats. Headed up by Doc Felix, the label specialises in small run and limited edition music. Their latest project, an absolute ground shaker. The beat scene in Australia has seen massive changes over the past decade. Artists such as Katalyst, Pasobionic, Hermitude, Plutonic Lab and more lead the way with their … Continue reading This Kids Got Beats For Days

Phillips M1X-DJ

Philips and Armin van Buuren are proud to announce the launch of the M1X-DJ sound system, allowing all music fans the opportunity to mix, play and share their music in one “Fans often ask me what equipment they should buy when they want to start mixing themselves,” said Armin. “A lot of kit can be expensive, so with the M1X I wanted to create something that’s accessible for everybody. The other great thing about the M1X is that you can play it wherever you want, whether that’s the beach, the park or your street: it’s the ghettoblaster reinvented for today.” … Continue reading Phillips M1X-DJ

Kanye West Yeezus Tour Adelaide Review

Adelaide Turnt UP! The Kanye West Yeezus tour landed in Adelaide last night. We can forgive you if you are still dazed from all the ‘flashing lights’, the symbolic references and don’t forget the talk of Fashion Week, but it really was something quite special. With an epic opening that was pre-luded by a barrage of Star Wars theme music, Yeezus rose from underneath the stage with a thick cloud of smoke. A single beam of light shone from the roof, which seemed to herald his arrival. The rapper was decked out in an eagle singlet, leather pants, a thick gold chain … Continue reading Kanye West Yeezus Tour Adelaide Review

Akai Pro MPC Ren

As OG as MC Ren, Akai Pro’s new(ish) MPC Renaissance is both a nod to the past, but embraces the future with open arms at the same time. Akai Professional has been a pivotal brand in the world of hip-hop since the beginning. Classic MPC’s such as the MPC60, the 3000 and 2000 were (and continue to be) the tool of choice for some of hip-hop’s most prolific and revered beatmakers of all time. Dilla, Premier, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Dre, Kanye – it’s a veritable who’s who of super-producers. Whilst staying true to their roots, the all-new MPC Studio … Continue reading Akai Pro MPC Ren

Groovin The Moo Oakbank 2014 Review + Photos

WOW what a ride. The recent long weekend brought many joys, not only did you get Friday & Monday off from work, school or university. If you were anywhere in South Australia chances were you or someone you knew attended the inaugural Groovin The Moo event for Oakbank. If you didn’t, well we hate to say it but you missed out big time. The Oakbank leg of Groovin The Moo kicked off proceedings just before lunch on a perfect Autumns day. The gumboots were out in force but were not at all needed. A lot of people dressed up in costumes ranging … Continue reading Groovin The Moo Oakbank 2014 Review + Photos

Allday Right Now Review

Allday is cruising his way through the current GTM2014 tour, with other local artists such as Illy, Thundamentals, and a whole lot more. On Friday 25th of April, not only did Allday perform to a packed out stage at the inaugural Oakbank GTM event, he also released his brand new single titled Right Now. Allday has also recently announced his Right Now National Tour, which will kick off in Geraldton, Western Australia on May 29. The run of shows will include all ages, U18 and licensed shows right around the country, before finishing up in Brisbane, Queensland on June 20. Allday will be … Continue reading Allday Right Now Review

Review Savo Focus EP

Savo has just released his highly impressive follow-up to his mixtape that dropped back in April 2013. Since then, he has been working hard putting the finishing touches on his first official release for Bomb Squad Presents. The EP titled Focus is a 9 track behemoth featuring production from Cam Bluff and a host of international producers. Despite being a 9 track release, Savo still insists that this is an EP release. A reflection of where this young rapper is at with his music. Savo kicks off his Focus with a pop infused electro banger titled Lost Myself. Savo presents a candid look … Continue reading Review Savo Focus EP

Sonos X Hype Machine

The brand new Sonos app is LIVE! In this release, Sonos have added the ability to listen to every blog in their Blog Directory (including allaussiehiphop.com), and your Feed. You can favorite tracks right from the app, and your listening is recorded in your Listening History on the site as well. Some very cool things happened in celebration of their partnership with Sonos: Parties in both Brooklyn and London which featured DJ set by Rudimental and Redlight. In addition, Sonos will launch a custom “Global Spy” page on Hype Machine. The Global Spy provides an interactive worldview in which users … Continue reading Sonos X Hype Machine

Review: 2013 Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards

Just under a fortnight ago, the city of Melbourne hosted the independent music scenes night of nights, the 2013 Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards. Held at the unique Revolt Melbourne Artspace, an old warehouse dawned with projected images taken from … Continue reading Review: 2013 Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards

Review: Dr. Flea – Keep On Moving EP

Keep On Moving is the debut EP from Dr. Flea, one of Broken Tooth Entertainment’s latest signees. Dr. Flea first burst onto the scene through spitting bars at grime nights, raves, and local cyphers. He represents a fresh and youthful approach to music, that appeals across genres and strays from the conservative approach to Hip Hop. The 9 track EP features production from Ciecmate, Kharnivor, Pyrex & Shookz, Juve, P.R., Bottega Beretta and MKC. Emcees on the album include Spit Gemz, Dr. Flea’s brother Tom Farfall, LaLa, Flowz, and Diem.  Keep On Moving opens with a smooth boom bap styled track produced by fellow BTE head Ciecmate which is … Continue reading Review: Dr. Flea – Keep On Moving EP

Review: Dialectrix – The Cold Light Of Day

The ever masterful Dialectrix drops his exhilarating third LP today, titled The Cold Light Of Day. No, this has nothing to do with the recent Bruce Willis movie of the same name, but it does want to make us yell out ‘Yipee ki yay mother fucker‘, as loud as possible. Teaming up with one of Australia’s most talented producers and live drummers in Plutonic Lab, whilst enlisting the help of platter assassin DJ 2Buck, The Cold Light Of Day is Dialectrix’s most accomplished work to date. Fresh off the back from releasing his highly successful Satellite EP, The Cold Light Of Day … Continue reading Review: Dialectrix – The Cold Light Of Day

I Want My Name Back – “The Sugarhill Gang” Documentary Review

I Want My Name Back is Roger Paradiso’s documentary about hip hop pioneers The Sugarhill Gang. Introducing the world to hip hop over 30 years ago, I Want My Name Back delves into the meteoric rise of The Sugarhill Gang. Through its chance beginnings in New Jersey to the subsequent struggles that crew members, Wonder Mike (Michael Wright) and Master Gee (Gary O’Brien) faced as they battled their own label and the legal system which stripped them of their identities and their rightful legacies. I Want My Name Back is more than a ‘behind the music’/’where are they now?’ look at The Sugarhill … Continue reading I Want My Name Back – “The Sugarhill Gang” Documentary Review

Illy – Heard It All Review

Following the success of his sophomore LP The Chase, fans have already begun counting down the days towards the next Illy album. With the drop of Illy’s newest single Heard It All, we all know that it can’t be far off. Heard It All, having been released a fortnight ago, is already in popular demand amongst staunch Illy fans and new comers alike. Illy uses Heard It All as an opportunity to investigate his inner convictions, while questioning the whole notion of creative originality. The track excels with Illy’s personable delivery and strength of conviction. Illy seems to be a … Continue reading Illy – Heard It All Review

After Hours – Darker Days (Album Review)

After Hours are back (after a long break) with their third release, an EP titled Darker Days. Available now on iTunes here, Darker Days is a departure from their earlier work – with a nastier, more evil sound. 11 tracks deep, packed with some serious heat – this is a release not to be slept on. Darker Days features the talents of Pohetikut (Pagen Elypsis) as well as production from Trials (Funkoars), Newsense (Hospice Crew) and Debate (Train of Thought). As members of the illustrious Certified Wise crew DJ Jugular, Edits, Headlock & Integer1 are back with their third release Darker … Continue reading After Hours – Darker Days (Album Review)

Purpose – If The City Had A Voice Pt. 2

Adelaide emcee/producer and Pagen Elypsis member, Purpose has recently released a cracking mixtape tilted If The City Had A Voice Pt. 2. A lot of things have happened in the Purpose camp since the release of his first mixtape release If The City Had A Voice a few years ago. Leading up to If The City Had a Voice Pt. 2, Purpose has put out 5 releases both as solo artist and as an integral part of group efforts, toured the country and continued to grow both in and out of the studio as he honed his skills. This mixtape serves as a pre-cursor to his debut … Continue reading Purpose – If The City Had A Voice Pt. 2

Theory Of Face – Demz Sqidz EP Review

At some point during 2010 the words Theory Of Face rippled throughout the community, it wasn’t long before those few words became associated with mentions of a master DJ, teaming up with a powerhouse of rhyme and production…..Cunts got scared and rightfully so. It wasn’t until the guys over at Ironlak released their brand new Reload Cans, late last year, that the public truly became aware of the dangerousness they were facing. With the cover artwork produced by gaff artist Sofles, you could be confused into thinking that this release has something to do with graff…..don’t be fooled. Having shelved … Continue reading Theory Of Face – Demz Sqidz EP Review