REVIEW: Trippie Redd Drops Debut Album Life’s A Trip

On Tuesday we were asked to review the debut album from Nineteen-year-old rapper Trippie Redd. If you’re a staunch Oz Hip Hop purist, or you like to yell Treway out the window of your whip to passing pedestrians, you can click on to another article now. Save yourself the triggering!


Nineteen-year-old rapper Trippie Redd today has released his highly anticipated debut album LIFE’S A TRIP. The fourteen-song album includes four features, including Travis Scott on his platinum-certified (RIAA) Trippie collaboration ‘Dark Knight Dummo’. Young Thug and Reese LAFLARE appear on ‘Forever Ever’ and ‘Wish’ is a remix of Diplo’s single with Redd of the same name.

LIFE’S A TRIP follows on from his 2017 mixtapes, A Love Letter to You and A Love Letter to You 2 and ‘Love scars’, Trippie Redd’s breakout single which has amassed over 175 Million streams globally. Life’s A Trip opens with the soulful new school vibe of ‘Together’, which seemingly sets the tone for the rest of the album. The frustration conveyed on ‘Together’ mirrors what we see playing out in real life after a year long beef with label mate Tekashi 69 takes its toll.

The beef has seen the young artist constantly battle with his position in the market with recent conversation revolving around Billboard positions, Trippie has now flipped the script with the announcement that Love Scars had just received platinum certification. His second single to do so, following the platinum certification of ‘Dark Knight Dummo’ back in June.

The 2 minute long ‘Taking A Walk’ has Redd in his element, displaying his musical talents in a far more diverse approach than that of his contemporaries. The tracks ‘Wish – Trippie Mix’ featuring Diplo and ‘Missing My Idols’ follows more of a mainstream formula that would find itself completely at home on triple j. The talk surrounding ‘Forever Ever’ with Young Thug and Reese LAFLARE failed to live up to the hype. ‘BANG!’ hit a note with us, the track features Trippie on his trademark tip. Redds vocals add an air of originality to the track which was enough to keep us along for the ride. We also found ourselves over confidently screeching
Let it bang-bang, let it bang-bang
Let it rang-sang, let it bang-gang
It was quite uncomfortable for anyone who was close enough to our office to hear.

‘Shake It Up’ is a classic instagram thirst trap backing track, clocking in at just under 2 minutes long. Expect this to be playing at strip clubs across Atlanta in no time. ‘Oomps Revenge’ is more of a lyrical approach from Trippie, and works well to diversify the album. Although again, it’s only 2 minutes long.

Life’s A Trip ends with an almost 6 minute long track titled Underwater FlyZone, which is the perfect vibe out track and really ties out the album quite well. All in all we were quite surprised by Life’s A Trip. It’s not something we’d normally seek out but still found it quite enjoyable. We look forward to seeing where Trippie Redd can evolve to over the next few years as he matures and further develops his sound. If we were giving out stars, we’d give it 2.5 out of 5 but we ain’t so forget that shit. Stream the new album below!