Playback 808 on the come up!

After a visit to East Africa which resulted in a 3-year creative hiatus, DyspOra (the new Dave Chappelle) finally unleashes The REBELUTION. The project follows a young sonic activist on a larger-than-life journey that threatens to either fully consume him or uplift him to spark a social rebellion & a conscious revolution!

Tracks on REBELUTION echo DyspOras past whilst displaying his current day influences. Clipped wings featuring production from Nujabes is a stellar example of this. The track begins with a skeleton of a beat and continues to build layers as the track crescendos. This concludes with a flurry of piano keys in key contrast to the repetition of DyspOras question… “why won’t heaven let us all in?” The album features aforementioned Nujabes, Sniper and artists such as TOMMIE and E-Majiik. 

Adelaide is back and in good hands!