Review Savo Focus EP

Savo has just released his highly impressive follow-up to his mixtape that dropped back in April 2013. Since then, he has been working hard putting the finishing touches on his first official release for Bomb Squad Presents. The EP titled Focus is a 9 track behemoth featuring production from Cam Bluff and a host of international producers. Despite being a 9 track release, Savo still insists that this is an EP release. A reflection of where this young rapper is at with his music.


Savo kicks off his Focus with a pop infused electro banger titled Lost Myself. Savo presents a candid look at the rap life he lives, with big dreams of breaking out and conquering all in the rap game. Lost Myself is an honest and emotional track, demonstrating Savo’s determination in becoming a successful hip hop artist. This track could easily see itself land in the crates of many a DJ around the nation. Things slow down with Fall Down, a passionate track built around beautiful keys and a crisp drums. Savo raps intelligently adding a sentimental hook that builds on the emotion of this solid track. Fall Down ends with a series of dangerous cuts, adding the proverbial ‘cherry on top’.

Faded On A Monday has been well received by Savo’s hungry fans and new comers alike. Written after a fight with his manager, Savo opens the track exclaiming:
“Fuck the world

and fuck all the fake people in it…” 
Savo vibes on the angry tip throughout contrasting it with the tracks hook. Savo’s natural versatility shines through, as he remains focused on his goals. 

Really Do It featuring fellow Queenslander Greta Stanley, is produced by Cam Bluff and is one of the albums many highlights. Really Do It is also the first single lifted from the EP. Combined with Greta Stanley, Really Do It reverberates the talents of Savo perfectly. An impressive track which displays levels of maturity well above his age, both in terms of craft and presentation. Savo’s bars are composed perfectly throughout, conveying his message in a clear and concise nature:
“Remember what I told you
People hate to see you make it buddy that’s the cold truth
they love you coming up but suddenly your old news
like they sold you for people that just rolled through
thought it’d be easy to be the guy that they love,
I’m doing good but that good is never enough…”

Take You To Lunch is a sincere track about Savo’s moves in the game of love. For one special lady, $5 in the bank and he’ll still take you to lunch, Happy Meals all-round. This track has single written all over it. Savo puts a clever twist on the broke rapper angle. Next up is the hilarious track Internet Alcoholic. Here Savo openly admits to his troublesome internet usage. The catchy beat is produced by Beatg33kz and once again displays Savo’s on point delivery, creative flow and hilarious punchlines. The ease at which Savo is able to switch up styles, pace and subject matter throughout the entire EP is a credit to the skill of this talented young cat. Internet Alcoholic also addresses some ridiculous comparisons aimed at Savo, crushing any retorts.

The Xavier Dunn produced Red Cups featuring Bam Bam, is a classic party jam. Both emcees are on point with this one and it’s evident Savo is here for a good time… and hopefully a long time. In tour news, Savo is currently on tour with Bam Bam on his National Good Life Tour, which kicked off at the start April. The remarkably absorbing Focus EP ties out just as it opened, with a huge modern, electro-inspired club anthem in the track Reckless feat. Jordan De La Cruz. This time production is handled by Magnifikate. Jordan De La Cruz is a Brisbane based singer songwriter and contributes a deliciously tasty hook to this track.

Savo’s razor-sharp wit and on-point delivery is evident throughout the entirety of the album. Focus is an emotional journey into the heart, mind and soul of one of Australia’s brightest new musical talents. Without any uncertainty, we predict big things from Savo in the coming years. While Savo continues to explore varying styles, delivery and form, he remains a true hip hop artist. Embodying the culture, whilst having fun along the way. Each track on Focus is carefully contrasted against the last.

For an EP, this release ticks all the boxes. You won’t be left wanting, and it’ll be straight back to the repeat button for most. All-in all Savo delivers an EP that is among one of the best we’ve seen cross our desks this year, truly an impressive effort. It’s quite clear now; Savo must be a member of the Illuminati.
We rate Savo’s Focus EP a staunch 4.0/5.
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