Review: Delta Pyramid Schemes

While most people today are celebrating Valentines Day, love and eternal relationships, a large group of people are celebrating today for a very very different reason. The legendary South Australian rapper Delta, has released his longtime coming Pyramid Schemes LP and that’s reason to celebrate.


Featuring spots from Peter Tilbrook, Lazy Grey, Milano Constantine, Mojo The Cinematic, and the lovely songstress Candice Monique, Pyramid Schemes is a classic rap lovers paradise. From the opening title track Pyramid Schemes, Delta’s recognisable tone and fierce rhyme patterns, slam along on trusty boom bap beats. Gourmet feat. Mojo The Cinematic and Milano Constantine, backed up by the track Missing Link, which is produced by Amed of DITC, follow along in a similar fashion. A Madman Roams Tonight feat. Peter Tilbrook of The Masters Apprentices, switches up the style with a heavy rock guitar fuelled chorus. This collaboration came about after a chance meeting at a garage sale, held at Peter’s house. The legendary Kool Herc, puts in the foreword for the track Alien, an electronic, Korg inspired beat which has Delta questioning Australia’s attitude to boat people, and how painful it must be for a citizen of the planet Earth to be labelled an ‘Alien’. An interesting concept indeed.

Thirty Three & A Third features the talented DJ Staen 1, and has been dubbed the track for vinyl heads. The beat is a super rare (and secret) record, which is juggled in double copies by Staen 1. Thirty Three & A Third builds upon The Second Story LP track titled Higher Level, which celebrates the partnership between an MC an DJ. This track builds further upon this concept, but uses the records as a metaphor for life, mortality, the state of the world, the music industry and much more.

Ex-Adelaidian and now Melbourne local, Candice Monique adds a beautiful chorus to the track No Worries. The concept is simple, everybody has worries but we should only carry what we need in life, a track packed to the brim with soul. The script is then flipped with the hard-hitting Occult Wisdom featuring the 750 Rebel, Lazy Grey. This is a monster of a track, nuff said. Long time collaborator, good friend and producer Mark B, team up on the heavy Carry On. A track described as Beat Street meets The Mack in a Godfather Hat… works for us.

Fits Of Rage is a fierce and angry track, featuring a sample that Delta refers to as ‘The Angry Woodpecker’. Tying out this highly impressive album are the tracks Still Kings and Mad Max. Still Kings is the sequel to the massively influential track For The Kings, which was lifted from the classic Culture Of Kings 2 release. The final track on the album Mad Max, opens with a flip on a familiar line and features heavy drums and darks strings. The scratch of Milano’s lyrics, makes for a great chorus. With that, an end has come all too quickly for the Pyramid Schemes LP, we are left wanting more and more. You will head straight for the repeat button, guaranteed.

Pyramid Schemes is a must have release, it’s an album of high quality tracks, no filler and no bullshit interlude or the likes. Delta has once again sealed his status as a legend of the game and as an originator of hip hop in this country. We rate Delta’s Pyramid Schemes, an easy 4.8 out of 5. Get yours now!

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