Purpose – If The City Had A Voice Pt. 2

Adelaide emcee/producer and Pagen Elypsis member, Purpose has recently released a cracking mixtape tilted If The City Had A Voice Pt. 2. A lot of things have happened in the Purpose camp since the release of his first mixtape release If The City Had A Voice a few years ago.

Leading up to If The City Had a Voice Pt. 2Purpose has put out 5 releases both as solo artist and as an integral part of group efforts, toured the country and continued to grow both in and out of the studio as he honed his skills. This mixtape serves as a pre-cursor to his debut solo album Where It Starts dropping late 2012.

Released both as a free digital download and also as a sweet packaged hardcopy release (design by April77), If The City Had A Voice Pt. 2 has all the hallmarks of full LP release, shunning that sometimes ugly mixtape/free release stigma. The album with its 15 tracks, captures a point in hip hop that some still dreamed of living. In part a collaborative effort with DJ Hacksaw (Pagen Elypsis, Battlehoggs, Train of Thought), If The City Had A Voice Pt 2 is made up of a handful of original music with some beat-jacks thrown in for good measure.

The opening track If The City Had A.. sets the stage in its sharp delivery and hard-hitting verses. While The Whole World Sleeps chills back for a minute, Purpose seems at his best when his flow is relaxed and controlled. Purps also dons the producing hat throughout the album with some impressive results. Where I’m Comin From, 6 In The Mornin’ and All Over The World feat. Kilenm & Arkaic really highlight the dynamic skills of this dedicated and hard-working artist.

There’s some great features throughout the whole album, fellow Pagen Elypsis member Prime shows up on the track Remember and US artists Kilenm & Arkaic feature on All Over The World. The previously mentioned track 6 In The Mornin’ plus Faded and Every Rose (produced by Eslev) are some of the albums highlights. Aforementioned and PE member Motive chips in for killer verse on the track 10.59PM. We also see a few remixes tie out If The City A Voice Pt 2 including the Pagen Elypsis track One Hit Away (Zarkov Remix) and an amazing remix of the Hilltop Hoods track Still Standing.

Purpose has set out to make 2011 a year to remember, with all that hard work set to pay off. If The City Had A Voice Pt. 2 is a taste of whats to come, then we’re all ready to eat. Purpose’ relaxed and controlled delivery is one of his strongest assets, combined with his production skills Purpose is set to bring a release packed with quality and style when his Where It Starts LP drops at the end of the year. Stay fixed!

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