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Tag: Pagen Elypsis

allaussie hip hop exclusive

Prime 2011 Wrap Up

2011 was a spectacular year for Prime. Good Morning, call it a mixtape if you dare, was released with a collection of all-original material (save for three beats) but was crafted and structured as lovingly as any album in your collection. The fact that it was made available for free download was simply a bonus.  Prime’s unprecedented approach to fan engagement in […]

allaussie hip hop exclusive

Purpose – If The City Had A Voice Pt. 3

After experiencing large underground success with If the City Had A Voice Pt. 2, touring the country twice and spending countless hours in the studio, Purpose rounds out the year by presenting the 3rd installment of his mixtape series. If the City Had A Voice pt. 3 is out now available here. It features 14 tracks from the Adelaide MC/producer and is mixed by DJ Hacksaw once […]