Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket Review/Album Launch

As we board flight PE 2010, and prepare ourselves for the journey of lifetime, the voices of our captains are heard loud over the speakers. “You are now strapped in for flight PE 2010”.

Captaining our flight is none other than the South Australian Hip Hop crew Pagen Elypsis.
The PE crew composed of Kadowg, Prime, Purpose, Motive and Pohetikut, are no strangers to the grimy streets of hip hop. Pagen Elypsis have been working tirelessly for the last few years to make 2010 a year that symbolises something big for the group and it seems to be going perfectly to plan.

The mixtape appropriately titled 2010 which dropped earlier this year offered a great taste of what was to come for the One Way Ticket LP. As we are given our safety instructions, a moment is taken to admire the great cover art, done once again by the king of covers, April77. We should also mention the top shots of the crew taken by Chances Photography.

Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket
is marked Don001 and represents the first release for the new label, Double Or Nothing Records. Other release’s coming soon include Afore Mentioned – The 11th Hour and Prime’s – Good Morning, the mixtape. Back to our flight. Throughout our trip operated by none other than Don Airlines, we prepare ourselves for 15 or so massive tracks and a little humor along the way.
As we double-check that our seats are in the upright position, our journey begins. One Hit Away dives in to the minds of each of the PE emcees, as they discuss the sometimes fickle nature of the music industry. The beat warms and peaks with a grungy rock guitar riff that set’s the backdrop perfectly. Keep It All Moving does exactly that as the head nod shit continues with a Cam Bluff produced banger.

One Way Ticket the title track from the album gives us an inside look at the major hip hop influences for PagenElypsis , we hear mentions of Biggie, Tupac, Boogie Down Prod, Eminem the list continues. This track really represents a period in time where everything in hip hop was new and exciting.
It’s evident from early in the piece that the PE emcees are no slouches behind the mic. With many of the guys born and breed in the battle scene, we’d imagine these guys sleep with their mics.  Lyrical structure,  topic, content, style, mic presence…it’s all first class (yes that was a subtle pun).

All We Wanna Know features a great sample from the man Biggie Smalls, clearly one of PE’s all time fav rappers. We should also mention that all the cuts (where applicable) were handled by none other than QLD’s monster, DJ Buthcer.Carrot Stones is sure to get you on your feet with Purpose and Boombaty holding nothing back on the beat. Butcher once again tears up this track with his devastating cuts.
It’ll Be Ok
, a solo track from emcee Prime changes the pace with a nice introspective joint that has Prime positioned on point for his Good Morning release later this year/early 2011.

“I never won the lottery therefore I didn’t break free, it takes more than $900 to stimulate me.  But I happily accept and do with it whats expected”.

The beat selection, composition, lyrical dynamite and execution throughout the whole album never missed a..errr…beat. Boombaty, Kela, Cam Bluff, Purpose and Answer all produce tracks with a rich full sound, no tinny shit here. PE have outdone themselves with this release. Aerobiks one of the albums standout highlights is an absolute banger. DJ Butcher tears the shit out of this one. This track….this track…..killer opening, banging beat an instant classic. Each verse here is as murderous as the previous.

“Kill the track I’m peeling back your thinking cap, this is that silver back gorilla rap, Elypsis has the city and we won’t give it back..”

Who’s Foolin’ Who opens with one of the funniest skits we have heard in a longtime, these guys have a great sense of humor and the skit actually ties in with something, not just thrown in to add depth to the track list. Who’s Foolin’ Who is right up on that funk tip. A track that sets the groove for the second half of the album. The Kadowg written No Forgiveness a raw and brutal tale of drama and strife puts a little turbulence into our flight and. As we prepare for landing Necessary Evil and Peace round out our trip.

Flight PE 2010 was a smooth one. Don Airlines have hooked us up with the first class tickets and the Pagen Elpysis have catptained the trip perfectly. One Way Ticket doesn’t lack in any conviction, an album that will never become a coaster or dust collector. Pagen Elypsis have sealed 2010 as their own, have your boarding passes ready.
We rate Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket a high-flying 4.2 out of 5.

We were lucky enough to catch Pagen Elypsis perform some of their tracks from the One Way Ticket album on the M-Phazes – Good Gracious Tour. If you missed out, Pagen Elypsis will be launching their debut album One Way Ticket on October 9th in Adelaide at Fowlers Live, North Terrace (opposite the skate park). Special guests Crate Creeps and Dialect & Despair will be performing on the night…bam…plus an underage emcee comp. (This is an all ages show!)

Line up:
Pagen Elypsis
Crate Creeps (QLD)
Dialect and Despair

Hosted by Simplex of Terra Firma
Tickets $20 Licensed ALL AGES. Pre-sale tickets are now available from selected stores. Tickets available from Clinic116, Da Klinic, Cold Krush and through DON. Email
Doors open at 7.30pm
Visit Pagen Elypsis on Facebook to check out the T-Shirt & Hoody designs. Available on the night T-Shirts $29, Hoodies $49.

Underage MC Comp details:
Double or Nothing
is putting on a emcee Comp for any underage emcee’s out there and offering them a chance to perform at the biggest album launch this year!
To enter submit your best 1 minute recorded freestyle or track to The best 5 entries (announced October 1st) will receive a ticket to the show for them and 1 friend, a copy of Pagen Elypsis debut Album One Way Ticket and a poster signed by the group!

On the night each of the 5 contestants will get to perform there song live and the final winner (judged by the crowd) will receive $100 & prizes! Beats will be provided by Purpose.
How to enter:

Submit a 1 minute recorded freestyle or track to go in the draw to be one of 5 that get to perform their song live on stage (recording quality does not have to be the best)
Submit your entries to DON RECORDS @

You must be under 18 to enter
You must have your entries in by TODAY OCT 1.