Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket Review/Album Launch

As we board flight PE 2010, and prepare ourselves for the journey of lifetime, the voices of our captains are heard loud over the speakers. “You are now strapped in for flight PE 2010”. Captaining our flight is none other than the South Australian Hip Hop crew Pagen Elypsis. The PE crew composed of Kadowg, Prime, Purpose, Motive and Pohetikut, are no strangers to the grimy streets of hip hop. Pagen Elypsis have been working tirelessly for the last few years to make 2010 a year that symbolises something big for the group and it seems to be going perfectly … Continue reading Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket Review/Album Launch

Vida Sunshyne & Chasm – Move (Album Artwork)

He is Chasm, Sydney-based producer-extraordinaire who made his mark in 2008 with the Triple J feature album debut Beyond The Beat Tape. She is Melbourne-by-way-of-Ghana’s Vida-Sunshyne, and the enigmatic voice featured on both Beyond The Beat Tape and Astronomy Class’ Pursuit of Happiness. Together they are an electric collaboration of musical talent; one half behind the boards, creating the template for a limitless sonic foundation. The other, centre stage; creating the connection between performer and listener. The pair have created Move, the brand new album that traverses the global spectrum of soul, reggae, and hip hop. It is a combination … Continue reading Vida Sunshyne & Chasm – Move (Album Artwork)

Cover Of The Moment

It’s time for another cover of the moment, and there have been a few considerations i.e. Seth Sentry’s EP, Levelheaded – The Spice Of Life and Bias B’ – Aerosol Era. As always, there can be only one winner, with Gully Platoon – The Great Divide pipping the others at the post. We got more then expected when we smashed through that plastic wrapper. Aprill77 brings us another stellar piece of work. The buyer of the CD is greeted with a super glossy cover. Upon opening the front side you  find another glossy print this time of Gully Platoon, you … Continue reading Cover Of The Moment