Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket Exclusive Leak feat. DJ Butcher

Pagen Elypsis is a collective of emcee’s from existing groups that emerged onto the scene with the release of the 007 Mixtape in 2007.  The members of the group had been performing as their separate components for 2 years both at home and interstate and also promoting and putting on shows in their hometown, Adelaide. The roots of the groups following lie in both the local live hip-hop scene and also the national and international battle circuit.

The group was on hiatus from 2007 while each of the members went about building their resumes & paying their dues. Between 2007-2010, Purpose released the If The City Had A Voice mixtape mixed by DJ Sum1 & DJ Next and Aforementioned (Purpose & Motive) released the well-received Red October, which brings us to 2010.
Pagen Elypsis released the 2010 mixtape to hail in the new decade mixed by DJ Kansel & DJ Snair of the Battlehoggs as a national free download which won praise in the underground but was merely a taste to prepare listeners for the album One Way Ticket officially dropping August 19, 2010.

With a few different release dates floating around the internet the lads over at Pagen Elypsis wanted to confirm the official release date for the album One Way Ticket will be August 19. The album will be available on itunes and all good independent stores nation-wide.

allaussie hip hop have been lucky enough to score the exclusive preview of the  One Way Ticket artwork, designed by April77 and also……..the exclusive second leak from the Pagen Elypsis upcoming album One Way Ticket. The track titled Aerobiks featuring DJ Butcher of the Crate Creeps is now up for free download exclusively below. When asked about the song the boys responded simply with “We only ask one thing of you when you play this shit….. Turn it up loud”

Official Release Date: August 19th

To follow the boys check them out at:
Facebook: Pagen Elypsis
Twitter: @PagenElypsis

Pagen Elypsis – Aerobiks feat. DJ Butcher of The Crate Creeps

Link to leak number 1 from Pagen Elypsis