The Genius of J Dilla Vol. 5

J Dilla a.k.a Jay Dee, born James D. Yancey, was one of the few artists whose records were bought on sight, played until digested and then discussed among fans and critics. He kept Hip Hop relevant long after many of its greatest heroes had creatively left it for dead. Well respected musicians such as Questlove, Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, Common & Janet Jackson have worked with, and been influenced by J Dilla’s talents and he is often described as “your favourite producers favourite producer”. There are many talented beat makers and producers, but there will only be one … Continue reading The Genius of J Dilla Vol. 5

April77 Creative – A77 letterpress cards

The new A77 website is live! April77 Creative has updated their branding and added a bunch of fresh work to the portfolio, plus the new site is viewable across all mobile devices. In celebration April77 is releasing a set of limited edition A77 letterpress cards. Printed on 600gsm Crane Lettra, imported direct from the United States, Lettra is the premium choice of paper stocks for letterpress around the world. The designs featured on each card are unique extensions of the April77 diamond brand and also present the first printed application of the updated A77 colours. A limited quantity of the … Continue reading April77 Creative – A77 letterpress cards

Dialectrix – Satellite EP

After spending the last year or so accustoming himself to fatherhood and fine tuning his 3rd LP The Cold Light Of Day with long time colloaborator Plutonic Lab, Dialectrix is kickstarting 2013 with a rare and limited edition release involving some of the worlds best talents. The result is Satellite, an exclusive 5 track EP being released to vinyl only (digital D/L included) with each track showcasing an overseas producer while Dtrix exhibits the hunger and versatility the Sydney wordsmith is known for. Artwork for the EP is being handled by April77 Creative, longtime collaborators with Dialectrix and creators of artwork … Continue reading Dialectrix – Satellite EP

Kerser – Nebulizer Tour 2012

You can’t change who you are, but you can change who you’ll be. For 24-year old emcee Kerser, these words are set in stone. Born and raised in Campbelltown in the South West of famous Sydney, the city sights he witnessed while growing up weren’t exactly postcard perfect – just try taking some snaps round the streets of C-town after the sun sets and see what scenes develop. But in dark places people shine. Blazing up from the underground thanks to a potent mix of talent, determination and the guts to try something new, Kerser is the name on everyone’s … Continue reading Kerser – Nebulizer Tour 2012

Undertow – Minds Believing (Review)

Minds Believing is the title to emcee Undertow’s (SYD) debut hip hop LP. Featuring 15 tracks, with the bulk of the production handled by Dazed. Guest spots include Flawlezz, Fame, Swarmy, Rinse from Bingethinkers, Ayeone, Nehi, Double G, Logical (UK) and SPEx.  On first impressions Mind’s Believing has all the makings of a quality package. Cover design is by April77, with the album mixing handled by Fame and mastering by Joseph Carra. With Undertow’s diverse emcee background in dnb, grime and electronica, we were quite interested to hear what style Undertow would bring to the fore front of this album……..It … Continue reading Undertow – Minds Believing (Review)

Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket Exclusive Leak feat. DJ Butcher

Pagen Elypsis is a collective of emcee’s from existing groups that emerged onto the scene with the release of the 007 Mixtape in 2007.  The members of the group had been performing as their separate components for 2 years both at home and interstate and also promoting and putting on shows in their hometown, Adelaide. The roots of the groups following lie in both the local live hip-hop scene and also the national and international battle circuit. The group was on hiatus from 2007 while each of the members went about building their resumes & paying their dues. Between 2007-2010, … Continue reading Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket Exclusive Leak feat. DJ Butcher

Spit Syndicate – Exile (New website)

Spit Syndicate have just launched their brand spanking new website, featuring design by April77. The site is packed with news, pics, lyrics and all that Spit Syndicate goodness. Starry-Eyed – the new video for the first single from Exile is currently in production. Watch this space! In the meantime – peep this short clip of the Double S live on stage rocking various venues across the country… Spit Syndicate are no strangers to the live circuit, having played successive Obese Block Party tours and joining crew-members Horrorshow on the wildly-successful Inside Story tour in March. The Starry-Eyed National Tour is … Continue reading Spit Syndicate – Exile (New website)