Ishu presents an amazing debut album: A World In Progress

Back in 2008, Ishu garnered praise for the smooth, organic dub/reggae/dancehall flavours and laid-back vocals of his debut EP. Seven tracks which documented his time in Melbourne before heading abroad. Fast-forward two years later and he’s switching it up. A broadened sound palette has him charting new musical territory, using hiphop and electronic beats as his canvas. Culture-mashing boom-bap in a similar vein to local favourites Hermitude and with hints of big influences like Madlib, Hi-Tek and Bonobo, Ishu is now ready to unleash his debut album, A World In Progress. Citing his environment as the main influence of his … Continue reading Ishu presents an amazing debut album: A World In Progress

Undertow – Minds Believing (Review)

Minds Believing is the title to emcee Undertow’s (SYD) debut hip hop LP. Featuring 15 tracks, with the bulk of the production handled by Dazed. Guest spots include Flawlezz, Fame, Swarmy, Rinse from Bingethinkers, Ayeone, Nehi, Double G, Logical (UK) and SPEx.  On first impressions Mind’s Believing has all the makings of a quality package. Cover design is by April77, with the album mixing handled by Fame and mastering by Joseph Carra. With Undertow’s diverse emcee background in dnb, grime and electronica, we were quite interested to hear what style Undertow would bring to the fore front of this album……..It … Continue reading Undertow – Minds Believing (Review)