allaussie spotlight on: Cam Bluff

If you haven’t heard the name Cam Bluff of late, then you surely haven’t been paying enough attention. 2010 has seen Cam Bluff produce some of this years most impressive beats with no intention of slowing the pace. We take a deeper look into the past, present and future of this amazing producer.

Cam Bluff
born (18/02/1989) grew up in Kwazulu Natal (South Africa). Cam was always surrounded by music and heavily influenced by the country’s culture and people. He was constantly surrounded by music having both an aunt and grandma who were both music teachers. He was always into sports and from this, found hip hop through skateboarding videos.
After migrating to Australia in early 2001 he continued his involvement within the skateboarding scene and grew more interested in hip hop music and the production behind the genre. In his last year of school, He stumbled across a program a mate had accidentally given to him called Fruity loops. During lunchtime, whilst still at school, Cam’s mate would show him how to use Fruity loops. This is where he leant how to compile loops and to structure drum patterns.
As time passed, he later on bought himself an akai mpc2000xl after learning about the long relationship and history involved with drum machines and sampling. Keen to learn more, he then equipped himself with a turntable and records which he had bought from local thrift stores. He soon started sampling early 70’s soul/funk records, drawing inspiration from the likes of Pete Rock/CL Smooth, DJ Premier and J Dilla to name a few. Later on in 2007 he made the switch back to a computer based program called Ableton live 6, using his MPC now as a midi controller as well as a beat machine. He shortly attended sound engineering classes in early 2008 learning about the techniques involved in mixing the music he was creating.

Around the same time, Bluff started working with a couple of emcee’s from Adelaide, Purpose and Motive (Pagen Elypsis/Afore Mentioned). After sending countless amounts of beats, he managed to secure a track on their Afore Mentioned – Red October release which dropped in 08.
He later met DJ Butcher through Butchers cousin (who he was producing for at the time), Keen on working with local rappers, he soon was introduced to Publik Relationz which complied of Mr Hill and Seven, (winner of the M-Phazes comp 2010). Work on an EP quickly began. During Cam’s time working with PR, he met 4th (Pure Product) who quickly became interested in working with him. Publik Relationz EP unfortunately did not see the light of day, though Cams sound did manage to catch the ears of local rap icons, The Optimen.

After creating a bit of a buzz in late 2008, Cam Bluff was signed to Red Tape Entertainment, thus beginning a new chapter in his music career. This sparked big things for him, being given the opportunity to remix a track for the The Optimens work of art The Out Of Money Experience, which dropped this year.
During 2009 Cam contributed production towards Spit Syndicates – Exile, and Pagen Elypsis’ – One Way Ticket which both dropped this year. He also managed to secure two tracks on Rainman’s album (yet to be announced), as well as a few on Pure Products new album (due later this year/early 2011).


Cam is currently working with fellow Red Tape Renegade, 4th (Pure Product) on the Vegas Aces EP which is near completion, closely being followed by an album. Hit up Vegas Ace’s Facebook here to check for upcoming gigs/shows. He is also working with former Queenslander resident and rapper Syntax (Trace Elements), working on a full length LP. Old mate Seven (Born Fresh Records/winner of M-Phazes comp) debut EP is out now and features production from himself and DJ Butcher to name a few. Cam also produced a track on The Tongue’s – Alternative Energy LP, also out now. You will also be able to find production in the near future on Raven’s (Crate Cartel) new album Ravenous dropping 2010. Afore MentionedThe 11th Hour album with the bulk of production being handled by himself and also Prophet Rayza’s6 Books dropping soonish.
Red Tape Entertainment is also working on a Red Tape remix project, which will feature production by Bluff, and others on the Red Tape Entertainment label.

is proving to be an immense competitor in the hip hop scene, already working with some of the most well-known artists around the nation, and is quickly working his way up in the industry as a respected beat maker/producer. Keep an eye and ear out for him, there’s much more to come.
Interview with Cam, more about his Vegas Aces EP with 4th coming soon.

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