Bankrupt Billionaires

A vision of two of Brisbane’s premier hip hop producers, Bankrupt Billionaires has now culminated into a super group featuring the powerhouse production of Sammsonite and Dats (The Optimen) and the strong emotive vocals of Brisbane diva Kel on Earth, with a host of regular special guests.  Reminiscent of singer/producer teams like Gnarls Barkley, Little Dragon, Mark Ronson and the late great Amy Winehouse, Bankrupt Billionaires have established their very own world-class sound that blends head-knocking beats with soul drenched vocals and themes of love, compassion and frustration. After honing a wealth of quality material behind closed doors, Bankrupt Billionaires finally … Continue reading Bankrupt Billionaires

allaussie spotlight on: Cam Bluff

If you haven’t heard the name Cam Bluff of late, then you surely haven’t been paying enough attention. 2010 has seen Cam Bluff produce some of this years most impressive beats with no intention of slowing the pace. We take a deeper look into the past, present and future of this amazing producer. Past Cam Bluff born (18/02/1989) grew up in Kwazulu Natal (South Africa). Cam was always surrounded by music and heavily influenced by the country’s culture and people. He was constantly surrounded by music having both an aunt and grandma who were both music teachers. He was always … Continue reading allaussie spotlight on: Cam Bluff

Massive ‘Born Renegades’ Show + Free Mixtape DL

This month the Judy Breaks Competition teams up with Brisbane’s Hip Hop labels Born Fresh Records and Red Tape Entertainment to bring together a collective of Queensland bred emcees, turtablists, beat boxers, DJ and beat makers. Taking place during Valley Fiesta, this FREE event includes some of Brissie’s best. Performing on the night will be: The Optiment Eloquence and Truths Prue Product Seven Vegas Aces Prophet Rayza Hosted by The Crate Creeps. Set Times: 4:00 Prophet Rayza 4:30 Seven 5:00 Vegas Aces 5:30 Eloquence and Truths 6:00 Tommy Illfigga/Crate Creeps 6:30 Pure Product 7:00 The Optimen In celebration of this … Continue reading Massive ‘Born Renegades’ Show + Free Mixtape DL

‘The Out Of Brisbane Experience’ Tour – The Optimen

Following on from the shining release of their sophomore album The Out Of Money Experience in April, Brisbane’s The Optimen are hitting the road this July/August and taking their tunes to the nation on the official album launch. A five-year sojourn that culminated in one of Australia’s finest-hip hop releases this year, The Out Of Money Experience has been robustly received. The Optimen are getting ready to blast off on the long awaited Album Launch Tour. Taking in the East-Coast and Adelaide (Sorry Perth, we owe you!), The Optimen are taking to the road, bringing brand new tunes from The … Continue reading ‘The Out Of Brisbane Experience’ Tour – The Optimen

allaussie hip hop’s monthly cook up with: Sammsonite (The Optimen)

It’s been some time between drinks now since Brisbane’s best, The Optimen have performed a headlining show for their fans, but even with the AA meetings and late night phone calls to their sponsors they just can’t control their thirst any longer. For this reason, and also to bring their blistering new album The Out Of Money Experience to the live stage, The OPees are back in the lab and planning their launch for Friday, May 28 at the new home of hip-hop in Brisbane – The Step Inn. Not leaving anything to chance, they have joined forces with fellow … Continue reading allaussie hip hop’s monthly cook up with: Sammsonite (The Optimen)

First 500 copies of The Out Of Money Experience come with Optimoney!

On recent return from a ‘management speak’ workshop (ManSpeak2010 – not to be confused with the instructional ‘how to speak like a man’ workshops – ManlySpeak2010) we’d like to take this time to ‘touch base’ and ‘help us to help you’ (to help us) by having a brief discussion about The Optimen’s latest project The ‘We Currently Have Our Funds Tied Up In Private Offshore Ventures‘ album (‘The Out Of Money Experience‘). Just as an ‘FYI’ about the release of this album, you can actually ‘TCB’ your purchasing prospects ‘asap’ by pre-ordering ‘The Out Of Money Experience‘ from JB HiFi. … Continue reading First 500 copies of The Out Of Money Experience come with Optimoney!

The Optimen – 80’s Babies

Though the title might sound like a desperate plea for help in these trying times of economic uncertainty or, more predictably, the old as the ages cliché of the starving artist, The Out Of Money Experience is really anything but. This much-anticipated sophomore album by The Optimen (The OPees to their friends – and they can take all the friends they can get) is the result of work: hard work. The sort of work that keeps you up late at night and makes you late for the next day’s “working for the man”. And it shows. The three original members … Continue reading The Optimen – 80’s Babies

The Optimen Update – The Out of Money Experience (April 10)

It’s been awhile since we first heard about The Optimen’s next project, The Out Of Money Experience and finally after all this waiting, the guys have locked in a release date. April 10 will be the day The Optimen unleash The Out Of Money Experience on the nation with a few tracks floating around already (Myspace and free download),  things are sounding large. Here’s what the guys at Red Tape had to say about the whole affair. We got some good news here at Red Tape! From the people who brought you Boomtown and The Red Tape Renegades, The Optimen’s … Continue reading The Optimen Update – The Out of Money Experience (April 10)

The Optimen – The Out Of Money Experience 2010

It’s been a long time coming but it appears there is finally movement at The Optimen base camp. Over the last few days, we have seen the opening of the their new Myspace, also an update of their website (pic above), and the official announcement of the new album, The Out Of Money Experience. The Out of Money Experience will be dropping in (about) March next year.You can download the first single of the album, Fire Fighters, for free (and it’s a banger) via their website here. Fans of Lazy Grey should also check out Something in the Air feat. … Continue reading The Optimen – The Out Of Money Experience 2010

THE OPTIMEN – The Out Of Money Experience

The Optimen are back in the building with a brand new album! ‘The Out of Money Experience’, is on its way and is due for release on July 31st on Red Tape Entertainment, distributed through Shogun Dist. The album features guest appearances by some of Australia’s most respected, including the likes of Lazy Grey, Pure Product, The Archetypes (Clinic and Proclaim) and Tommy Ill. We also hear whispers of verses by two international rap industry icons! We will provide more information on this closer to the release date. Continue reading THE OPTIMEN – The Out Of Money Experience