The Optimen Update – The Out of Money Experience (April 10)

It’s been awhile since we first heard about The Optimen’s next project, The Out Of Money Experience and finally after all this waiting, the guys have locked in a release date. April 10 will be the day The Optimen unleash The Out Of Money Experience on the nation with a few tracks floating around already (Myspace and free download),  things are sounding large. Here’s what the guys at Red Tape had to say about the whole affair.

We got some good news here at Red Tape! From the people who brought you Boomtown and The Red Tape Renegades, The Optimen’s long-awaited sophomore album is in the big canvas bag with the dollar sign on it and they’re laughing all the way home from the bank (to keep from crying). The Out of Money Experience is a sonic excursion, a boom-bastic voyage, a sample-based tour-de-force, enriched lyrically by your favourite Boomtown bandits, The OPees.
Yeah, son. Shit is real! The production is bigger and better then ever.  The sample chops are more musical and the low-end will leave you all shooken and your innocence tooken.
Of course, the drums are going to slap you in your face and “demand satisfaction”, and the raps will submerge the brain through the engaging consciousness of Kristoff the Russian, Sammsonite and DATS.
Subversive, honest and skillful, the OPees have kept it on a level.  The guests are all your favourite rappers (and even some of your less favourite ones!)  Tommy Ill, Jehst (UK), Rainman, Lazy Grey, Pure Product, The Archetypes (Clinic and Proclaim), Adverse and
Phil the Agony (US).

The Optimen never fail to impress and early signs point to another banger. There are some huge names here, Tommy Ill, Rainman, Prue Product, Jehst. A track of interest should be Lazy Grey’s appearance with Laneous from Laneous and The Family Yah’s (more to come on these guys soon). You can check three tracks from the new album here. You can also download the leaked Fire Fighters track here. Not long now….

1. O Shit!
2. Always
3. On the Rocks
4. 80s Babies
5. Firefighters
6. Interlude 1
7. Bigger Better More feat. Tommy Ill
8. Dust feat. Jehst
9. 30 Rock feat. Rainman
10. Something in the Air feat. Lazy Grey and Laneous
11. Interlude 2
12. Pay Cheques
13. Act 1 feat. Pure Product
14. Drop That
15. Number One feat. Adverse
16. Respecognise feat. The Archetypes and Kel
17. On the Rocks (Cam Bluff remix)
18. Number One (remix) feat. Phil The Agony and Adverse