First 500 copies of The Out Of Money Experience come with Optimoney!

On recent return from a ‘management speak’ workshop (ManSpeak2010 – not to be confused with the instructional ‘how to speak like a man’ workshops – ManlySpeak2010) we’d like to take this time to ‘touch base’ and ‘help us to help you’ (to help us) by having a brief discussion about The Optimen’s latest project The ‘We Currently Have Our Funds Tied Up In Private Offshore Ventures‘ album (‘The Out Of Money Experience‘).

Just as an ‘FYI’ about the release of this album, you can actually ‘TCB’ your purchasing prospects ‘asap’ by pre-ordering ‘The Out Of Money Experience‘ from JB HiFi. Doing this will ‘ensure the better likelihood of being elligible to be in receipt of your very own signed poster’ – yours to keep! Tell me that’s not a plus and I’ll tell you that junior and I won’t win the three-legged race at this year’s family picnic fundraiser! * pause for laughter * But seriously, folks…

On the agenda also for today, ladies and gentlemen, is the next generation of forward thinking in future purchasing power and online merchant enablisation. Yes, I’m sure by that you all understand I am of course referring to the launch of ‘Optimoney‘ – your own exclusive ‘cashola’, as the kids say these days, to spend on selected items of merchandise from the Optimen website (still in ‘advanced stages of development’ and ‘awaiting the green light’ – but will be up soon)

But to ‘fast track’ the chit chat about ‘Optimoney‘ and streamline this presentation for time efficiency and mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties, we would like to inform you that the first 500 retail copies of ‘The Out Of Money Experience‘ will come complete with $5 of Optimoney to save you money when shopping online – terms and conditions will be up when the site goes live, but you can be sure it will include a whole host of ‘incentives to spend’ and ‘synergies’ and shit.

The Out Of Money Experience
– out April 9th through Red Tape Entertainment and distributed nationally by Inertia.

Below you can check the latest film clip taken from the album The Out Of Money Experience80s Babies.