Prophet Rayza – Spits & Pieces Vol 2.

With a passion and drive for perfection, Prophet Rayza draws from his musical inspiration the likes of Nas, Rakim, Ice T, KRS One and Wu Tang Clan.  In 2009 he released the first Spits and Pieces mixtape which went on to move all of the limited 5,000 copies pressed within two months of its release. Prophet Rayza now brings you the follow up to Spits and Pieces with Volume 2.  His last record Six Books (Born Fresh Records), saw him working with some of this countries and abroads most up and coming producers including 5th Seal from New York, Dats … Continue reading Prophet Rayza – Spits & Pieces Vol 2.

Bankrupt Billionaires

A vision of two of Brisbane’s premier hip hop producers, Bankrupt Billionaires has now culminated into a super group featuring the powerhouse production of Sammsonite and Dats (The Optimen) and the strong emotive vocals of Brisbane diva Kel on Earth, with a host of regular special guests.  Reminiscent of singer/producer teams like Gnarls Barkley, Little Dragon, Mark Ronson and the late great Amy Winehouse, Bankrupt Billionaires have established their very own world-class sound that blends head-knocking beats with soul drenched vocals and themes of love, compassion and frustration. After honing a wealth of quality material behind closed doors, Bankrupt Billionaires finally … Continue reading Bankrupt Billionaires

Prophet Rayza: “This Is” film clip [6 Books EP]

This is the official film clip for This Is, the lead single off Prophet Rayza’s (QLD) debut EP Six Books. Released November 12th 2010 on Born Fresh Records and distributed nationally by MGM. For ten years now Prophet Rayza has been a stronghold in the Australian Hip Hop scene perfecting his talents across the four elements of Hip Hop as an emcee, breakdancer, graffiti artist and beatboxer.His passion for the art form stems from his first train trip from Brisbane to Melbourne at five years of age, when he first saw graffiti and told his mother when he grew up … Continue reading Prophet Rayza: “This Is” film clip [6 Books EP]

Prophet Rayza – 6 Books (Nov 12th)

Following the enormous success of The Spits and Pieces Mixtape (moving ALL 5,000 units within two months of its release, and over 650 downloads to date) Prophet Rayza returns with his latest offering 6 Books on Born Fresh Records. Comprising of 6 original tracks composed by 6 different producers, 6 Books is themed around 6 being a perfect number mathematically, hence the writing of 6 Books depicting the ways of the world as seen through the eyes and pen of a Prophet. The first single This Is, produced by Cam Bluff is your classic boom-bap drum driven hip hop anthem … Continue reading Prophet Rayza – 6 Books (Nov 12th)

First 500 copies of The Out Of Money Experience come with Optimoney!

On recent return from a ‘management speak’ workshop (ManSpeak2010 – not to be confused with the instructional ‘how to speak like a man’ workshops – ManlySpeak2010) we’d like to take this time to ‘touch base’ and ‘help us to help you’ (to help us) by having a brief discussion about The Optimen’s latest project The ‘We Currently Have Our Funds Tied Up In Private Offshore Ventures‘ album (‘The Out Of Money Experience‘). Just as an ‘FYI’ about the release of this album, you can actually ‘TCB’ your purchasing prospects ‘asap’ by pre-ordering ‘The Out Of Money Experience‘ from JB HiFi. … Continue reading First 500 copies of The Out Of Money Experience come with Optimoney!

The Optimen – 80’s Babies

Though the title might sound like a desperate plea for help in these trying times of economic uncertainty or, more predictably, the old as the ages cliché of the starving artist, The Out Of Money Experience is really anything but. This much-anticipated sophomore album by The Optimen (The OPees to their friends – and they can take all the friends they can get) is the result of work: hard work. The sort of work that keeps you up late at night and makes you late for the next day’s “working for the man”. And it shows. The three original members … Continue reading The Optimen – 80’s Babies

The Optimen Announce New Single – Fire Fighters

With the release of their sophomore album The Out of Money Experience just around the corner, Brisbane’s The Optimen are proud to present the first single to be lifted from it, Fire Fighters. For a limited time Fire Fighters is available for free streaming and download at: ·Album version only ·Album & Clean versions The Optimen are also proud to announce they have signed an exclusive distribution deal for the forthcoming album with Inertia. The Out of Money Experience is due for release early 2010. Fire Fighters In writing the new album, Fire Fighters was the first track that didn’t … Continue reading The Optimen Announce New Single – Fire Fighters