Prime – Good Morning (Out Now)

There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding Soulmate Records latest signee emcee Prime’s – Good Morning release… Friday we all saw why. The South Australian emcee has released his debut solo for free download exclusively through his website. 

The free download features 18 tracks with original production from One Above, Cam Bluff, Answer, Purpose, Mules and more. We also see Raven, Motive, 4th and Purpose share mic duties. Good Morning (with it’s 18-piece cover art series) is available for FREE download exclusively from

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Prime, dropping soon. 

1. 8am – Produced by Mules
2. Tunguska – Produced by One Above *
3. Money – Produced by Answer
4. Alone (feat. Purpose)
5. For The First Time – Produced by Kelakovski
6. Right Here – Produced by Answer
7. Restore My Faith – Produced by Answer
8. The Closest That I Get (feat. Motive) – Produced by One Above *
9. Devilish – Produced by Answer
10. Unthinkable
11. Pour It On A Page (feat. 4TH of Vegas Aces) – Produced by Cam Bluff 
12. You’re Only A Man (skit)
13. Three Men (feat. Raven & Purpose) – Produced by Answer *
14. House Of Balloons
15. Heaven And Hell – Produced by Purpose
16. Can Anbody Hear Me? – Produced by Ante Escobar *
17. One Click – Produced by Answer
18. Keep On Running – Produced by M-Phazes

* Includes cuts by DJ Hacksaw

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