Exclusive: Peezo – The Come Up (Prod. Cam Bluff)

We are super excited to debut the brand new steez from ‘old school futuristic’ rapper Peezo. The new track titled The Come Up is produced by Cam Bluff and follows on from previous tracks Water and Vibe Out. The track The Come Up is itself a representation of an artist on the rise. Written about overcoming everyday obstacles and staying on the grind in a less then ideal situation, Peezo has a story that connects, most of us weren’t born into money and you take life’s opportunities as they come. The song’s intent is to inspire fans and listeners alike, … Continue reading Exclusive: Peezo – The Come Up (Prod. Cam Bluff)

Djarmbi Supreme Goes To Hell

The first full-length album from The Lo-Fi King, Ol’ Red Nose himself, Djarmbi Supreme. Based on the classic album by Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper Goes To Hell, 1976), Djarmbi has enlisted the production prowess of beat-murderer, Paradox to sample the entire original tracklist and recreate the Goes To Hell experience with a new breath of life (grog breath). 11 tracks and a soon-to-be-announced guest list will not only fuck a whole bunch of rappers in the face, it’ll spit on a twenty and stick it to their foreheads. Djarsup, cunts! All the fuckin way up. Bottle Kids takeover… DFTC are … Continue reading Djarmbi Supreme Goes To Hell

Stateovmind – Better Than Postcards

Stateovmind returns with his new EP Better Than Postcards (BTP), the follow up to his well-received debut Something for Nothing. BTP quite literally picks up where his debut left off, as only days after finishing his first EP, Stateovmind took off backpacking around Europe much like many other first time travelling Australians. While away, Stateovmind linked up with European based beatmakers and emcee’s, gathered some beats, collaborated with some great artists and had many unforgettable experiences. 4 months and 14 countries later, the new 8-track EP is the final result, mixing descriptive language, a booming soundscape and hypnotic harmonies. The lead … Continue reading Stateovmind – Better Than Postcards

XT – the evolution EP

XT is a solo MC hailing from Adelaide now based on the Gold Coast. XT has developed a unique style as an independent artist in the local Hip Hop scene. His debut record The Introduction EP was released on September 21st of last year. The evolution EP is the follow up to that release and features Boi Blue and Codeine Green. You can pick up XT – the evolution EP as a now name your price download now by following the link here. Download  ||  Facebook Continue reading XT – the evolution EP

Fitzy – Long Time Coming Mixtape

Fitzy is an up and coming Hip Hop artist whose out to pay music back by sharing his gift. Having first listened to hip hop as a frustrated teenager looking for an outlet to escape family life he formed a bond with music so strong it would eventually evolve into what we see today. Fitzy joined the Military in 2008 providing him the opportunity to visit parts of Australia and the world, writing down his experiences where possible. Over the next five years Fitzy continued writing and in 2013 released his first mixtape Long Time Coming of which two tracks were … Continue reading Fitzy – Long Time Coming Mixtape

Rob Delirious – ThrowBack

Rob Delirious is a 24 year old emcee and singer from hailing from Perth Western Australia. ThrowBacks, a free online mixtape featuring production by Chu, Vanilla, and dEEb. Standout tracks include Shame and Inspired and Don’t Wanna Know Ya. ThrowBacks is available as a ‘Name Your Price’ download, you can pick up the tape here. Track listing: 1. Don’t Wanna Know Ya 2. Inspired feat. S.O.X & Wallah (prod. Rubba Band Beat Makers) 3. Playing Cards (Freeverse) 4. Shame (prod. Chu) 5. Late Night Jazz Sh*t 6. Negatives Into Positives (pt.1) 7. Negatives Into Positives (pt.2)(prod. dEEB) 8. Way Back (Bonus Track) Bandcamp … Continue reading Rob Delirious – ThrowBack

Able8 x Benny Diction – Spring EP

In the run up to the release of their Life Moves album and mini-tour this Summer, Australian producer Able8 and London-based lyricist Benny Diction bring you the Spring EP. Spring consists mainly of songs written and composed between 2011 and 2012. It begins with Lost It and Popularity Contest, the first songs the pair ever recorded after they met in Melbourne. These are followed by the title track, a moody head-nodder awash with haunting vocal samples, chaotic chords and crashing cymbals. The listener then gets a taste of the summer with the upbeat banger Holiday Snaps, which Benny wrote during his time in Australia. In … Continue reading Able8 x Benny Diction – Spring EP

B Wise – The Benchman Vol. 2

The sophomore mixtape to B Wise’s The Benchman mixtape saga. In Volume 2, Wise continues to give us a front line look at whats involved in the mostly gritty and sometimes glamorous come up of an independent musician. The view from the bench continues for now but entering the game is inevitable on this record. In 2012 B Wise released his debut mixtape The Benchman, which was recorded in both Sydney Australia, and London UK.  You can grab The Benchman Vol. 2 now for free download by following the link here. Track List: 01. Intro 02. The Mission Statement (Prod. Pro … Continue reading B Wise – The Benchman Vol. 2

REMi Releases FYG :: ACT 1 Mixtape + Announces National Free Sangria Tour

In April of this year, emerging Melbourne hip-hop artist REMi, dropped a decidedly big tune in Sangria, his incredibly catchy tribute to days off and drinks with the homies. Sangria, and it’s accompanying video in all its laid back Melbourne summer glory, was an instant reminder of that season just passed, but most importantly, a re-introduction to the exceptionally talented and infinitely likeable sounds of one of the brightest new voices in Australian rap. Fast forward a couple months of constant triple j play, almost 20,000 video views and a whole lot of love industry wide, and REMi today announces … Continue reading REMi Releases FYG :: ACT 1 Mixtape + Announces National Free Sangria Tour

Purpose’s single ‘Comin Home’ goes into rotation on triple j & he is named #1 Most Played Artist of 2012 on triple j Unearthed

It has been a big week for the young MC/producer who is 3 weeks away from delivering his beyond anticipated debut album Where It Starts. Wednesday saw his most recent single Comin Home feat. Illy, Jimmy Nice & Joyride get added to rotation on triple j, a huge feat for an entirely independant artist without label support. Perhaps the most fascinating and defining detail of Purpose’s recent newfound light is that he has established it by working at a level that has allowed him to keep pace with his peers despite having no backing at all. The following day triple … Continue reading Purpose’s single ‘Comin Home’ goes into rotation on triple j & he is named #1 Most Played Artist of 2012 on triple j Unearthed

BBS – Won’t Be Told

BBS are four hardworking musicians consisting of J Stark, Rare and Yorgs with Rude B on the decks. Since releasing their debut mixtape 3 Mics and We Swear in 2008 BBS, have been busy doing countless numbers of shows with artists such as Phrase, Illy, Fluent Form, Pez, 360 and more. After plenty of success off the back of their release Qualified and a small break to write and produce some new music, BBS are ready to go at it again. A brand new track has been doing the rounds, titled Won’t Be Told and it is the lead single from … Continue reading BBS – Won’t Be Told

Justice – JUSTME (The Mixtape)

Throughout the five years that Justice and Kaos have been making music they have had their fair share of ups and downs. A ride filled with both good and bad choices, but they have made sure to learn from every single experience. JUSTME (The Mixtape) was born out of a yearning to make the most out of the opportunities provided to them. JUSTME is an extension of the music you’ve heard from Kaos and Justice, and aims to give you all a deeper insight into who Justice is. The mixtape is ten tracks deep and features the talents of Oso, Fiona Lai, Sean Delase, … Continue reading Justice – JUSTME (The Mixtape)

Allday – Euphoria

Allday is a 21 year old rapper based in Melbourne, Australia. His last release A Skateboard Soiree has received nationwide airplay on triple j and earned him & producer C1 ‘Unearthed Artist of the Week‘ honours. Allday now brings you an 8 track mixtape titled Eurphoria, available now for free download.The mixtape features production from C1, Soul Marauder, Savo and Woodz from Sweden. Some tracks are mix tape jams on jacked beats and some of them are tracks that didn’t make the cut for his upcoming EP. Allday’s upcoming EP will feature product form M-Phazes, One Above and of course C1 and … Continue reading Allday – Euphoria

Sampology – Eagle Theme 7″ feat. Hermitude Remix

This tasty little lilac number is a limited edition 7 inch & comes with some very special artwork from longtime Sampology collaborator Monaux. Eagle Theme was an album favourite for quite a few people on Sampologies – Doomsday Deluxe, the 7 inch features a killer Hermitude remix of Eagle Theme on the B side. For Australian friends who caught Hermitude on the Parklife 2012 tour, you would have heard them perform this monster of a rework live. For those who haven’t heard this remix, we hope you trust us enough when we say its ridiculously good, like pretty much everything Hermitude … Continue reading Sampology – Eagle Theme 7″ feat. Hermitude Remix

Koolta – ‘Possessions’ Video

Adelaide film maker David Parkinson and Koolta were one of five winners of Mercury Cinema’s Clip It! Initiative which gave them the support to drop a brand new film clip for Koolta’s track Possessions, lifted from his recent album The Extraordinary Average Joe.  “This journey takes us from the world of the greedy fat cats in towering concrete sky scrapers all the way down to the streets below where people fight to survive every second of every day. Three men each have a story to tell.” The film clip was produced by David Anthony Parkinson. Directed by David Anthony Parkinson. Concept … Continue reading Koolta – ‘Possessions’ Video

Cozzabags – This Town

After a long time living, painting and more recently playing Hip Hop in London, SDM Crew old timer Cozzabags has returned to Melbourne earlier this year. His music offerings are a mixture of laid back 90s style Hip Hop with Rock influences. Lyrically he is poignant, often cynical, but always light hearted. Currently working on his latest release 808s and Rock Greats – a play on the Kanye West album, Cozzabags focuses on fusing heavy hitting rock guitar samples mixed with the classic 808 drum machine. Due mid to late December. The first release from the mixtape is This Town, Cozzabags’ … Continue reading Cozzabags – This Town

Axiom – Back Against The Wall

Distill rap music down to its base elements and what do you have: a MC and a DJ. Axiom is Kay Illa and Bom. Kay Illa is in front of the mic and Bom is behind the decks and production boards. The Axiom partnership was forged in 2004 while Kay and Bom were still in school on the North Coast of NSW.  Hip Hop was only just beginning to creep into the local music scene at the time and classic releases like Brad Strut’s – The Authentic were big influences on the early Axiom sound and subject matter. By 2005, the members of Axiom were pushing … Continue reading Axiom – Back Against The Wall

Crixus – Throwaways Vol. 3

The third in the Throwaways series, Volume 3 is a collection of the thoughts you’d hear inside thehead of Tasmanian MC/Producer, Crixus, on any given day. The influences are obvious, the subject matter reads like a run sheet of a mans daily life, his morning, his day job, his environment, his habits and tendencies, his perspective, his lunch. With this in mind, the lyrics cover a lot of ground, the angst of Antisocial Butterfly v2.0, the sad regret of Part(l)y Over Her(e), the empathy of It’s Alright, the social commentary hidden in playby-play commentary of Every Day is Every Day and … Continue reading Crixus – Throwaways Vol. 3

Exclusive: Deece – Back Up feat. Fatty Phew & Bigfoot (Prod. WIK)

A Cornered Season is the debut solo album from the well oiled Melbourne MC, Deece (of B Wiv Deece fame). While B Wiv still has a strong presence on A Cornered Season producing six of the sixteen tracks, this album sees Deece team up with some of the best MC’s & producers this country has to offer. The result? A beautifully sculpted dynamic soundscape that complements Deece’s ever evolving sound. On the producer front Plutonic Lab has lent a hand between relentless Hilltop Hoods duties, WIK has jumped on board fresh from handling production on Maundz’s latest album Zero, Alter Ego handles four gems, J Squared contributes a spin tingler, Dave V drops a banger off the back of entirely producing Lazy Grey’s last album The Soundtrack & Mat Raffle from WA delivers … Continue reading Exclusive: Deece – Back Up feat. Fatty Phew & Bigfoot (Prod. WIK)

Allganiks – First Words

The Allganiks are a culturally diverse collective of musicians hailing from across Australia, emerging in Perth and now based in Melbourne. With a blend of live instrumentation, soulful voices, emcees, deejays and raw production, they have produced their first album, First Words, an independent production that involved a host of musicians from around Australia. With an underlying message they bring conscious lyrics that challenge the state of the world today, tackling politics and bringing to attention world issues that all people can relate to. This is an album you should check out, and since it’s up for free download, you … Continue reading Allganiks – First Words

Deece – A Cornered Season

A Cornered Season is the debut solo album from the well oiled Melbourne MC, Deece (of B Wiv Deece fame). While B Wiv still has a strong presence on ‘A Cornered Season’ producing six of the sixteen tracks, this album sees Deece team up with some of the best MC’s & producers this country has to offer. The result? A beautifully sculpted dynamic soundscape that complements Deece’s ever evolving sound. On the producer front Plutonic Lab has lent a hand between relentless Hilltop Hoods duties, WIK has jumped on board fresh from handling production on Maundz’s latest album Zero, Alter Ego … Continue reading Deece – A Cornered Season

Manic X – The Diagnosis

Change The Tape is proud to announce the release of the debut album from Manic X titled The Diagnosis, a ride through the world of mental health and raw hip hop. Teaming up on this project are Rezadent and ILL Clinton. The Diagnosis is produced, recorded and engineered by Man At Arms Productions, with additional production by Sammsonite. Change The Tape is a collective of Hip Hop artists with members contributing from Australia to the U.K consisting of Rezadent, Dsipl, Ill Clinton, Meek Starkiller and The Praying Mantis. The Diagnosis, a name your price download features Mistery of Brethren, The Elect … Continue reading Manic X – The Diagnosis

Calski – Love Drive Omissions [B-Sides]

Calski started writing loops on software and MCing in early 1998 before buying my first MPC 2000xl in 2004. Handling production for Impossible Odds, Rainman, Shawn Lov, Bingethinkers and more. Calski rocks the MPC at bboy jams and comps all over Brisbane, representing with Elements Collective. Calski won the 2010 Q Song Hip-Hop/ Urban Award for his production on Soul Of The Troubadour performed by Impossible Odds. Calski – Love Drive Omissions – B-Sides, are tracks that were cut from Calski’s debut album Love Drive Commission. Pay what you want for it, every little bit will go towards the next album. … Continue reading Calski – Love Drive Omissions [B-Sides]

Elapsed Time – Campfire Epoch

Spiralling out of his hometown of Adelaide, Elapsed Time (also known as E.T) is making a big name for himself as a talented emcee, producer, musician, songwriter and performer. Lachlan Emes (Elapsed Time) began producing his own music at 15, when he started making appearances on Radio Adelaide’s Hip Hop Show. Elapsed Time’s dedication to his music was recognised in 2011, when he topped triple j’s Unearthed Charts and was nominated for an award by The South Australian Tourism Commission for his song Adelaide On Top. Shortly after in 2012, Elapsed Time was awarded with an Arts SA/APRA grant to attend … Continue reading Elapsed Time – Campfire Epoch

Ry – Wall Street

Never branding himself to any particular style or sound, Ry has built a loyal following over the past few years in a city already filled with talent – Melbourne. Born and raised there, some may call this twenty-something’s music Hip-Hop or something completely different. Such work has received airplay on triple j, PBS, SYN FM and also on the College Radio Circuit in the USA. Back in September Ry released his brand new EP – Wall Street. Be prepared to again see Ry venture to new heights and solidify himself as one Melbourne’s most promising new talents. Featuring production from new … Continue reading Ry – Wall Street

Young, Gifted and Broke – The Grey Tape

In a time when music sales are thriving and every kid has a walkman it makes perfect sense that Young, Gifted and Broke are releasing a cassette tape. Featuring work from Home Brew, @Peace, Christoph El Truento, Haz Beats, Side Steps Quintet and countless other people you’ve never heard of, owning this tape will make you the baby Jesus of hipsters. What’s cooler than music you can’t physically listen to? The tape has already sold double platinum in Auckland (24 copies) and is now available in Australia. This is the best thing since Jimmy Barnes. To celebrate the release, YG&B held … Continue reading Young, Gifted and Broke – The Grey Tape

Tycotic – The Weed Song

Since the release of his collaborative project The People Vs Tycotic (2006), which received spins from triple j and featured guest vocals from names like Phrase, Spit Syndicate and Torcha, Tycotic has become an unstoppable force in the scene, with his punchline heavy rhyme style and rock-solid all terrain flow. With a reputation for delivering an electric live show, Tycotic has toured Australia and landed support slots for the likes of Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Bliss n Eso, 360, Drapht, Illy and Kerser, just to name a few. 2008 saw Tycotic release Conversation Domination distributed through MGM, and soon after embarked … Continue reading Tycotic – The Weed Song

Nix – The Nixtape

Nix was born in Broken Hill, raised in North-West Sydney, & currently resides in Canberra. His love for hip-hop developed during his early teenage years from the moment he first heard Ghostface Killah’s opening verse on Bring Da Ruckus. Nix presents his debut mixtape titled The Nixtape, featuring artwork from Jim Mahfood (worked with Ziggy Marley, MF Grimm, Felt, Kevin Smith), and guest appearances from Percee P, Illmaculate, Miss Mich, Dubulay, LHA, Losty, Tycotic and Miss M. You can grab The Nixtape for free download here. Nix One  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter  ||  Bandcamp Continue reading Nix – The Nixtape

B-Don & Mizi – Ok, so..

Palace Records proudly presents B-Don & Mizi, an exciting breath of fresh air into underground Hip Hop from Sydney. On the verge of releasing both individual solo projects and a joint LP,the guys have already performed together for a extenive list of international artists whilst establishing their own label and studio, Studio B & Palace Records. In association with Telemizion and allaussiehiphop.com, B-Don & Mizi are excited to present the first video in a mixtape series to be released in the coming months ‘Ok, so..‘ This track is B-Don & Mizi getting back to basics, doing what they love to do… … Continue reading B-Don & Mizi – Ok, so..

Kings Gambit – The Gambit EP

Kings Gambit is an independent MC hailing from Melbourne, having just released The Gambit EP. Featuring 6 raw tracks with production from Creed Birch, Eddy Extract, Dazastah, Chris Labs & Normalz, this ‘name your price‘ digital album is well worth the pick up. Stoned Cutters handle the all the cuts on the EP, with additional guitar by Eden Telea and James Gray (One Of A Million). Hard copies of the EP are available, you can pick up one of those where payment is for shipping costs only. You can grab one of those form the Kings Gambit Bandcamp page here. Kings Gambit  || … Continue reading Kings Gambit – The Gambit EP