Justice – JUSTME (The Mixtape)

Throughout the five years that Justice and Kaos have been making music they have had their fair share of ups and downs. A ride filled with both good and bad choices, but they have made sure to learn from every single experience.


JUSTME (The Mixtape) was born out of a yearning to make the most out of the opportunities provided to them. JUSTME is an extension of the music you’ve heard from Kaos and Justice, and aims to give you all a deeper insight into who Justice is. The mixtape is ten tracks deep and features the talents of Oso, Fiona Lai, Sean Delase, GMC, DJ Simon Sez and 360. You can pick up JUSTME (The Mixtape) for free download by following the link provided below.

Every person who had input into the mixtape both musically and otherwise are people who I’ve grown up with through music, and people who have made me the person I am today. This makes the tape, on more levels than one, a true reflection of JUSTME“. – Justice

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