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allaussie hip hop exclusive 2

Summadayze Adelaide – New Years Eve

Black. White. Grey. It’s all a bit blah, really. Where’s the fun? Where’s the excitement? Where’s all the colour gone? Well, Future Entertainment is bringing it back in all of its vivid glory. We’ve found a place where colour thrives, every day and every night. Somewhere you can splash bright green over there, some yellow up there, and sky blue or crazy […]

allaussie hip hop exclusive

360 – Please Be Seated 2 (Stream)

If you enjoyed 360’s – Please Be Seated, you’ll be happy to know that its sequel (the creatively titled Please Be Seated 2) has arrived. With features from JJJ favourite Seth Sentry and Scribble Jam Champion Justice, song titles like Naomi Campbell and Facebook Fiend, and flips of your favourite Drake, Tame Impala and Kings Of Leon jams, PBS2 is […]