Cam Gilmour – A Bellyful Of Classics

Cam Gilmour is a musician and writer based in Melbourne. Growing up in country Victoria, he moved to Melbourne in 2006 and joined alternative band Behind Crimson Eyes – as their drummer. The band was signed to Roadrunner Records and went on to release two albums (A Revelation for Despair and Behind Crimson Eyes – Self-Titled), which sold over 25,000 copies nation wide. The band toured extensively during this period, playing festivals including triple j’s One Night Stand, Big Day Out, Homebake and Soundwave. In 2009, Cam parted ways with the band to pursue a solo project, which evolved into … Continue reading Cam Gilmour – A Bellyful Of Classics

Justice – JUSTME (The Mixtape)

Throughout the five years that Justice and Kaos have been making music they have had their fair share of ups and downs. A ride filled with both good and bad choices, but they have made sure to learn from every single experience. JUSTME (The Mixtape) was born out of a yearning to make the most out of the opportunities provided to them. JUSTME is an extension of the music you’ve heard from Kaos and Justice, and aims to give you all a deeper insight into who Justice is. The mixtape is ten tracks deep and features the talents of Oso, Fiona Lai, Sean Delase, … Continue reading Justice – JUSTME (The Mixtape)

M-Phazes – The Remixes

M-Phazes is giving YOU a collection of some of his best remixes of artists like Cee-Lo, 360, Justice, Lil Wayne, The Presets, Michael Jackson & more as part of the launch for his brand new website MPHAZES.COM! To get your free copy of The Remixes, just click here. You can catch M-Phazes live on Illy’s – Bring It Back Tour, he will also be DJ’ing at the Sprung Afterparty on November 10, in Brisbane.  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter  ||  Soundcloud Continue reading M-Phazes – The Remixes

Summadayze New Years Eve 2nd Line-Up Announcement – Snoop Dogg

‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ this New Year’s Eve in Adelaide! Future Entertainment are excited to announce that The Doggfather himself, Snoop D-O-Double-G, will be joining the already impressive Summadayze line-up with heavyweights such as Bliss N Eso, Pendulum, Justice, Moby, Grandmaster Flash and many more! A superstar of rap, Snoop has transcended musical boundaries, smashed hip hop stereotypes and conquered the charts – while still keeping it real. Now fans in Adelaide will get the chance to experience a full on Doggy Sizzle on New Year’s Eve, as the party kicks off in the afternoon and takes them into … Continue reading Summadayze New Years Eve 2nd Line-Up Announcement – Snoop Dogg

Summadayze Adelaide – New Years Eve

Black. White. Grey. It’s all a bit blah, really. Where’s the fun? Where’s the excitement? Where’s all the colour gone? Well, Future Entertainment is bringing it back in all of its vivid glory. We’ve found a place where colour thrives, every day and every night. Somewhere you can splash bright green over there, some yellow up there, and sky blue or crazy hot pink everywhere. At any time, anywhere, you can paint the town red, purple, orange or whatever you like. It’s your world, your party, your New Years Eve … so lift the lid and make a splash! Welcome to Colourfornia: where … Continue reading Summadayze Adelaide – New Years Eve

360 – Stand The Fuck Up (Download)

As an expression of 360’s gratitude, here’s a link to his latest (absolutely free) mixtape – the long awaited sequel to Please Be Seated 1 & 2. It’s called Stand The F**k Up. It features some of hjs favourite Australian emcees including Illy, Justice, GMC, Vegas Aces, Prime, Infinite and Tys, plus flipped versions of some of his favourite tracks at the moment. He thinks you’re going to love it. In return, hey only asks one thing – that you pre-order his album Falling & Flying! The response so far has been amazing, but in order to really achieve his … Continue reading 360 – Stand The Fuck Up (Download)

360 – Please Be Seated 2 (Stream)

If you enjoyed 360’s – Please Be Seated, you’ll be happy to know that its sequel (the creatively titled Please Be Seated 2) has arrived. With features from JJJ favourite Seth Sentry and Scribble Jam Champion Justice, song titles like Naomi Campbell and Facebook Fiend, and flips of your favourite Drake, Tame Impala and Kings Of Leon jams, PBS2 is a banger on paper and a monster in your headphones. Streaming here now!!! PBS2 Full Details: 8 tracks; features Justice, GMC, Seth Sentry; re-makes of songs by Drake, Kings Of Leon, Tame Impala, Big Boi; hard copies available from 360 … Continue reading 360 – Please Be Seated 2 (Stream)