Got Beef? 360 & Justice Vs. Madness & TheSaurus

Here we have the highly anticipated official footage taken from the recent Got Beef? event. This is the final that sees Australia’s own 360 and Justice Vs. TheSaurus and Madness (US).
This is what Decoy, organiser of Got Beef? had to say about the league and the Got Beef? final.

Decoy on Got Beef?

Got Beef? is a league that I designed, kind of as an answer to the likes of GrindTime, King Of The Dot, Don’t Flop etc. It’s something I’d wanted to do for a couple of years now to be honest. I’ve wanted to set something up like this since I did the WRC in Melbourne 2007, and realized that was going to be the last one.
Basically Got Beef? is a league where we specialize in the new format of battling, acapella. We do 1 on 1’s, 2 on 2’s, and these are great because opponents know each other ahead of time. They get to use this time to prepare hard and put their writing skills to the test. As an emcee they then have to perform to the best of their ability in front of a crowd and control that crowd. That’s what rapping is all about to me. That’s why song writers/performers fall into this category so well.
In the future, I’d like to switch up formats. Do some battles over beats considering a lot of people still dig that, maybe do some kind of live stage tournament, elimination type matches. I’d also like to do more international competing.

Decoy on The Got Beef? Final

Basically it was a LOOONG night. I was pacing back and forth trying to keep the event running smooth, knocking back drinks, then stepping back in front of the camera to host. We were being pressured to hurry up and finish that battle because our time at the venue was almost up.
Next thing you know the battle went into OT and they told us to go finish it in the bar area next door. As we were heading there with 100 people in tow, it ended up just being done in a little side street.
There was a little hotel on the street, and we could see so many people just hanging out their window watching the battle. We thought that eventually they would tell us to move on, instead they all got into it. Amazing stuff.

ADL will be the host to the next Gof Beef? installment: Gof Beef? 2. June 26 @ L!ve and Light Square.
At this event we’ll see some fresh new faces, as well as a handful of your favorites from the first event, all gathered together in one place to insult each other and probably question another guys sexuality. Without doubt!

The line up includes:
Legacy (SA) vs Dunks (SA)
Broadkast (SA) vs Rowdy (TAS)
Mandle (SA) vs Vampts (SA)
Lariken (SA) vs Planz (VIC)
Eager (SA) vs Mike Hunt (VIC)
Chase (SA) vs Sprungy (UK)
Keynote (QLD) vs Kerser (NSW)
Mellowdramatik (NSW) vs Zone Doubt (QLD)
Sporatik (TAS) vs Willis (NSW)
Ilyak (VIC) vs Greeley (TAS)

Plus performances from:
Mase and Mattic

Email: and draw ATTN: to ‘Lauren Sobels’ for any information on ticket sales.
Feel free to e-mail for absolutely any info.