Maggot Mouf – You’re All Ears (July 16)

Maggot Mouf starting in 98 writing raps in government flats. He then moved on to the open mic and battle scene – holding it down throughout the ACT. After years of burning weak cunts and getting a name for himself, he co-formed Canberra’s alikeminds crew in 2002 and took the live show scene by storm supporting the likes of Jungle Brothers, Braintax, Disorder, Mystro, Lyrical Commission, Reason, and Hospice Crew just to name a few.

In 2005 Maggot Mouf relocated to Melbourne and met up with old Canberra counterparts, the Hospice Crew, which saw the recording of Read ‘Em and Weap. The song made it to the monolithic Visiting Hours project, and Maggot Mouf has since scooped up beats and worked on projects with numerous Hospice members and Melbourne locals. You’re All Ears features guest spots by Dekoda, 1/6 and Scotty Hinds. Production by Joey Gargoyle, Ciecmate, C-Rodent, Mizari, Bigfoot, Must And Sammy Scissors. Cuts by DJ Paypercutts, DJ Buick, and Sammy Scissors.

In Short:
What: Maggot Mouf – You’re All Ears
Drops: July 16.
Featuring Dekoda, 1/6, Scotty Hinds
Production from: Joey Gargoyle, Ciecmate, C-Rodent, Mizari, Bigfoot, Must and Sammy Scissors
Cuts by: DJ Paypercutts, DJ Buick Sammy Scissors.
Out through Broken Tooth Entertainment
Distributed by Obese.
Pre-order here with special deals through JB Hi-Fi.

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Village of the Dammed
3. Puppet Master
4. Asshole
5. Mr Swarv
6. Footrot Flats
7. Never would admit it
8. Interlude
9. Confined Spaces
10. She sells seashells
11. Wat U Looking at
12. Cut
13. Spit
14. Kind Regards
15. Over
16. Outro