Chase – From There To Hear

Whether you saw him take runner up for his state in the southern hemispheres biggest emcee battle 2004 Out For Fame Battle For Supremacy, State winner and runner up in the national Channel V’s Aussie Friggn’ Hip Hop Emcee competition, entrant for the Australian team in the 2007 World Rap Championships, Tasmania’s “Tas Battles” league, Brisbane’s Real Talk Battle League, Oball 1st annual Oball emcee battle winner, South Australia’s Got Beef Battle League, or just performing. Chase has made a solid mark in the scene to platform his skills into his music. Chase has more than paid his dues in … Continue reading Chase – From There To Hear

Cryptic – Samson

Cryptic aka Davey C is a 22 year old artist from Melbourne, Australia. With a broad scope of styles, Davey is admired for his uniquely complex rhyming patterns, verbose dexterity, relevant humour, stage presence and stylised flow. Cryp has diligently analysed and worked on his craft, and produces a unique sound on stage and in the booth. With crew 3000, he’s played shows across Australia from Perth to Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. Simultaneously, Davey C has emerged as one of the top handful in the Australian battle scene, having performed main events across the country, battling in Got Beef? Battles, Real … Continue reading Cryptic – Samson

Got Beef? – War Of The Worlds Pt. 1

Got Beef? is one of Australia’s most viewed rap battle league, and considered by many to be the best! Established in March of 2010, Got Beef? has already seen an array of international guests, and is increasingly doing bigger things for the Hip Hop scene in Australia. Got Beef? has brought high calibre MC’s such as 360 (AUS), Anecdote (AUS), Justice (AUS), The Saurus (USA), Madness (USA), Dirtbag Dan (USA), NoCanDo (USA), FLO (USA), and many more to compete together. Providing the fans with a sense of worldwide competition as we have also had guests from the UK, and Canada perform … Continue reading Got Beef? – War Of The Worlds Pt. 1

Melbourne – Got Beef? #3

Meta4gasmz vs Cryptic & Blue Newcomers to the Got Beef? circuit Cryptic and Blue take on everyone’s favourite drunkard scouser Sprungy, and Got Beef? president Decoy in a promo 2 on 2… Melbourne – Got Beef? #3 Performances: NoCanDo FLO w/ Philip Drummond Choose Mics Emcee Battles Line up includes: NoCando vs Greeley FLO vs Anecdote Mike Hunt vs Cryptic Aikers vs Planz Dunn D vs Fluence Kerser vs Mellowdramatik Jay Legend vs Sprungy Dribbles vs Karni Chase vs Mandle Broadkast vs Mr. MeenR Rowdy vs Dunks Vampts vs Ilyak Greeley vs Defron Dliver vs Kale Plus: 16 Bar MC … Continue reading Melbourne – Got Beef? #3

Pagen Elypsis’ Purpose and Prime – Downloads

Purpose & Prime have just released a new solo solo track each for download promoting their new album with Pagen Elypsis – One Way Ticket dropping late July/early August Purpose – Break Em Off (Bonus track from 2010 mixtape; produced by Cam Bluff) Prime – Unthinkable (from forthcoming Prime mixtape Good Mornin) Purpose’s battle vs Dirtbag Dan from GotBeef? 1 Pagen Elypsis will be dropping the 2nd leak off the album One Way Ticket, a track featuring DJ Butcher of the Crate Creeps in a few weeks….stay tuned for that right here. The first leak from the album One Way … Continue reading Pagen Elypsis’ Purpose and Prime – Downloads

Got Beef? 360 & Justice Vs. Madness & TheSaurus

Here we have the highly anticipated official footage taken from the recent Got Beef? event. This is the final that sees Australia’s own 360 and Justice Vs. TheSaurus and Madness (US). This is what Decoy, organiser of Got Beef? had to say about the league and the Got Beef? final. Decoy on Got Beef? Got Beef? is a league that I designed, kind of as an answer to the likes of GrindTime, King Of The Dot, Don’t Flop etc. It’s something I’d wanted to do for a couple of years now to be honest. I’ve wanted to set something up … Continue reading Got Beef? 360 & Justice Vs. Madness & TheSaurus