Got Beef? – War Of The Worlds Pt. 1

Got Beef? is one of Australia’s most viewed rap battle league, and considered by many to be the best! Established in March of 2010, Got Beef? has already seen an array of international guests, and is increasingly doing bigger things for the Hip Hop scene in Australia.

Got Beef? has brought high calibre MC’s such as 360 (AUS), Anecdote (AUS), Justice (AUS), The Saurus (USA), Madness (USA), Dirtbag Dan (USA), NoCanDo (USA), FLO (USA), and many more to compete together. Providing the fans with a sense of worldwide competition as we have also had guests from the UK, and Canada perform in our MC battle tournaments. Got Beef? is now expanding its entertainment horizons by putting out a clothing line, compilation CD, and touring with famous artists such as Chino XL and the legendary crew Onyx. 2011 is set to be a big year.

360/Anecdote Vs. Fresco/Real Deal (USA)
Nikoteen Vs. Kerser
Manaz Vs. Cryptic
Rates Vs. Savij Tung
Vampts Vs. Shock
Manaz Vs. Cortext
Camira Vs. Rowdy
Nomadic/Shockwave Vs. Flowz/Tueroz
Adikt Vs. Mesar
D-Reality Vs. Phocus
Doozie Vs. Miss Chief
Doddy Vs. Ranga
Performances from:
Real Deal (USA), Fresco (USA), Evolve, Lariken, Gravity Ponds, Dynamic Methods, Nymphlow (MELB)

When: Sunday July 24 2011 2:00PM-8:00PM
Venue: Fowlers Live
Address: 68-70 North Terrace Adelaide 5000 SA
Lic A/A event.

Event Details  ||  Purchase tickets  here.