Melbourne – Got Beef? #3

Meta4gasmz vs Cryptic & Blue
Newcomers to the Got Beef? circuit Cryptic and Blue take on everyone’s favourite drunkard scouser Sprungy, and Got Beef? president Decoy in a promo 2 on 2…

Melbourne – Got Beef? #3
FLO w/ Philip Drummond
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Emcee Battles
Line up includes:

NoCando vs Greeley
FLO vs Anecdote
Mike Hunt vs Cryptic
Aikers vs Planz
Dunn D vs Fluence
Kerser vs Mellowdramatik
Jay Legend vs Sprungy
Dribbles vs Karni
Chase vs Mandle
Broadkast vs Mr. MeenR
Rowdy vs Dunks
Vampts vs Ilyak
Greeley vs Defron
Dliver vs Kale

16 Bar MC Battle feat. Chase, Defron, Purpose and Wyldcard hosted by FLO (From GrindTime)

2 vs 2 Battles:
Meta4gasmz vs Gravity Ponds
Mandle & Planz vs Kerser & Rates

Topical 2 on 2 Battle:
Topic: Movies/TV Shows
Meta4gasmz vs Cryptic & Blue

August 22, 8:00pm
125 Swanston Street
Hi Fi Bar – Phone: (03) 9654 7617
$25 on the door (Call venue for presale ticket inquiries)