Djarmbi Supreme Goes To Hell

The first full-length album from The Lo-Fi King, Ol’ Red Nose himself, Djarmbi Supreme. Based on the classic album by Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper Goes To Hell, 1976), Djarmbi has enlisted the production prowess of beat-murderer, Paradox to sample the entire original tracklist and recreate the Goes To Hell experience with a new breath of life (grog breath).


11 tracks and a soon-to-be-announced guest list will not only fuck a whole bunch of rappers in the face, it’ll spit on a twenty and stick it to their foreheads. Djarsup, cunts! All the fuckin way up. Bottle Kids takeover…

DFTC are extremely proud to announce we will be working with Djarmbi Supreme for this upcoming release. Djarmbi has created an underground cult following through his previous releases Sex Pest Chronicles Vol 1 & 2 and his latest drop Tyrannosaurus Fonzarelli and we aim to grow that without compromising his signature lo-fi grit.

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