Tricksta – The War’s Awaiting EP

Hailing out of Brisbane the dynamic and energetic MC Tricksta, is proud to announce the release of his debut E.P. The War’s Awaiting. Packed with funky instrumentals to get even the most placid of heads nodding, The War’s Awaiting delivers punches with Tricksta’s uncanny sense of humor, combined with his trademark no bullshit attitude. The War’s Awaiting encapsulates Tricksta’s ability to deliver raw truth whilst entertaining the listener through a his unique views and rare insight all wrapped up with its brutal honesty, edgy punches and sharp cuts provided by DJ Oldmate and Darth Fader. Inspired by the likes of Lazy … Continue reading Tricksta – The War’s Awaiting EP

Mase & Mattic X SCOSA – Who I Am featuring Echo and The Empress

In a fresh and innovative way to raise money to support people living with disabilities, Adelaide hip hop band Mase N Mattic has teamed up with SCOSA (formerly the Spastic Centres of South Australia) to launch Who I Am. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this track will go to SCOSA and will be used to provide vital services to South Australians living with disabilities. Mase N Mattic — aka Jason Willoughby, Matthew Patti, together with DJ PT, Paul Tate — are developing a strong following around Australia after the release of their first album Sound The … Continue reading Mase & Mattic X SCOSA – Who I Am featuring Echo and The Empress

Ghosts In the Room

Canberra producer Ghosts In The Room unleash his debut production album. Having assembled a team of Australia and America’s finest, this release will be sure to surprise listeners with its diverse soundtrack of soulful, dark and often unexpected collaborations. In Its Your Life – Ghosts In The Room has teamed up with one time Dr Dre portage Bishop Lamont, Briggs and Armageddon for an inspirational track to motivate its listeners. In Where I Come From the legendary Kool G Rap teams up with battle rappers Iron Solomon, Okwerdz and 360 who makes a return to his hip hop roots. In Timeless New … Continue reading Ghosts In the Room

XT – The Introduction

Writing, performing and getting straight up blazed are XT’s fundamental passions. Sorry… fun-but-mental passions. His sound touches on pop whilst containing raw, some would even say shocking, but mostly humorous content. XT is open to all sounds and genres, with a love for the unusual and especially the cliché. Complex rhyme schemes and heavy snares top his list. But all around, he likes to say he is an hip hop artist with a touch of “fuck off if you don’t like it.” XT is releasing his debut album, The Introduction, September 1st, 2012. The first single from XT – The … Continue reading XT – The Introduction

Letters To The Sun – Coin + Akouo

Originating from two of the most musically isolated parts of Australia, Perth rapper Coin (The Stoops / Coin & Taku) and Tasmanian DJ/producer Akouo (Javs & Akouo) have been quietly building a cache of sounds that blend neo-soul, backpack rap and eclectic rhythms since early 2011. The duo (now known better under the moniker Letters To The Sun) draw inspiration from a range of musical influences, from hip hop producers such as J Dilla, Pete Rock, Hitek, Exile and 20Syl to neo-soul figures like Amp Fiddler, Erykah Badu and Common. As a member of The Stoops, Perth based MC Coin collaborated … Continue reading Letters To The Sun – Coin + Akouo

Profecy – Walk With Me

After a highly praised presence in the Australian hip-hop scene with his previous release Let The Music Play in 2010, the emcee Profecy, has been busy in the studio working on his follow-up release expected for release late September. The first single Walk With Me from the EP of the same title goes live today, for free download. Walk With Me is a a critique of the modern adversities of today’s generation and is an utterly life-grounded piece. Profecy grew up in Lismore, on the NSW coast, and with little to no scene he found a way to go at … Continue reading Profecy – Walk With Me

Blades – The Future

Newcastle hip hop band Blades welcome the release of their new single, Future. Combining an electric mix of drum and bass, dub-step and electro beats against a hip hop canvas, the trio comprising of Kid Lyrical, Wizadry & Likewyse partner the track with anthem-inspiring rhymes to create the perfect party jam.  Featuring the vocals of Carmen Smith, who appeared on the popular TV show The Voice, the song is the first to be added to the Hot 30 by a Newcastle band this year. With three independently produced and released albums and a 2008 tour of Europe under their belts, Blades have transformed themselves … Continue reading Blades – The Future

JONES Jnr. – The Soultape

DJ Morgs (Thundamentals) & Ev Jones (Hobo Bordeaux) have both been working quietly in the studio on the JONES Jnr. project for months now, the timing was obvious to announce the pair to the masses after Ev Jones’ recent collaboration with Thundamentals for their Like A Version of Matt Corby’s ‘Brother’. Now that JONES Jnr. have been announced to the public they will continue to work on their unique crossover of Hip Hop, Gospel & Soul release titled the soultape. Expect some exciting things from this dynamic duo. Fans will be able to catch JONES Jnr. at their first ever scheduled show planned for … Continue reading JONES Jnr. – The Soultape

Letters To The Sun – Coin x Akouo

Originating from two of the most musically isolated parts of Australia, Perth rapper Coin (of The Stoops / Coin & Taku) and Tasmanian DJ/producer Akouo (Javs & Akouo) have been quietly building a cache of sounds that blend neo-soul, backpack rap and eclectic rhythms. The duo draw inspiration from a range of influences, from hip hop producers such as J Dilla, Pete Rock, Hitek, Exile and 20Syl to neo-soul figures like Amp Fiddler, Erykah Badu and Common. As a member of The Stoops, Coin collaborated with producer J Squared (Illy / Beathedz / Spit Syndicate) on their album Stoop Squared. It was soon followed up his album Home, a collaboration with future beats producer Taku (Raashan Ahmad/Miles Bonny). Coin’s work on The … Continue reading Letters To The Sun – Coin x Akouo

Broken Thought Theory

Broken Thought Theory are a hip-hop outfit stemming from Sydney’s inner west. With beat makers, emcees and a dynamic vocalist, the group have just released a cracking free EP that already has 3 of its tracks in the top 10 of the triple j unearthed hip hop charts. Broken Thought Theory have already played to sell out crowds in Sydney and supported artists such as De La Soul and Kool and the Gang. Amongst the Broken Thought Theory brood is one of Canada’s finest young exports, State Advanced. He has left his shores and his crew Character Traits, for the bright lights of Sydney. Miss V, a soul singer that cut her … Continue reading Broken Thought Theory

Koolta – The Extraordinary Average Joe

Koolta’s long awaited debut album. Since winning the Hilltop Hoods Initiative in 2011 ($10 000 grant from APRA and HH to help in the release of a debut album) this young MC/Producer from Adelaide has hit the ground running. Having already released two well received independent EPs, Koolta continues his DIY ethic handling all production, writing, recording and mixing on the new album. The Extraordinary Average Joe is not your standard local Hip Hop album. This is music that lives up to this bold statement. Koolta has crafted multi-layered instrumentals with the use of live instrumentation and synths, rather than … Continue reading Koolta – The Extraordinary Average Joe

Slippery MC – Slippery Bizzness

Slippery M.C hails from Sydneys South, fresh to the rap scene with his unique brand of Hip Hop, Slippery’s built a rep for a fun and entertaining live show! Already on his way to make a name for himself touring around Australia and in his home town Sydney, Slippery delivers a combination of clever, witty and skillfull word play with a rhyming style of his own. Hiding his rude subject matter with a smooth flow he twists catchy rhymes using crude and dirty words telling sometimes taboo stories of his own and friends fantasies. Busting on the scene in 2011 … Continue reading Slippery MC – Slippery Bizzness

Realizm – Before You Seem Dead


1. The attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly: “a new mood of realism”.

 Realizm is an obscure lyricist and producer from Adelaide, Australia. After his debut verse on the original critically acclaimed Battlehoggs Official Mixtape Volume 1, Realizm has been steady on both the live circuit and in the studio. Performing alongside long time collaborator K21, he has shared the stage with acts such as Jedi Mind Tricks, Celph Titled, Ill Bill (Non Phixion), Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Brad Strut, Funkoars and more. Studio wise, the past 4 years have … Continue reading Realizm – Before You Seem Dead

Allday X C1 – A Skateboard Soiree

A Skateboard Soiree EP is a collaborative effort between rapper Allday (Tom Gaynor) and producer C1 (Sione Sisifa). Allday tells of his experiences with relationships, teenage angst, identity and mortality through his honest writing delivered through his refreshing and buoyant approach, often melodic and always engaging. There are obvious influences of skateboard culture and 90s attitude that encapsulates the timeless feeling of youth. The production by C1 partners Allday’s style perfectly incorporating the smooth and soulful blend of samples and synths to create a nostalgic sentiment. A Skateboard Soiree is the beginning of a new brand in Australia. Allday  || … Continue reading Allday X C1 – A Skateboard Soiree

B Wise – The Benchman

23 year old Emcee B Wise was born and raised between Rural NSW and the city of Sydney, he has displayed a strong passion for writing music since an early age, with his first public presence originally starting off as a party Emcee in his local area.  As time went on, Wise managed to nurture this talent and become one of the original founding members of Sydney hip hop trio Konnected As 1 – or better known as K1. In 2010 Wise released his first solo Mixtape titled A Word To The Wise featuring some of the freshest beats. Earlier in … Continue reading B Wise – The Benchman

Purpose – Drop The Bomb

Drop the Bomb is the second song Purpose has let out the bag off of his highly anticipated debut album Where It Starts. Another self-produced track with his trademark thumping drums, this one is sure to shred your speakers to bits. Catch Purpose on the road with Sevens & Vegas Aces through May on the No Way Home Tour, hitting Melbourne and Perth this weekend followed by Sydney ad Brisbane, tickets available now. Facebook  ||  Youtube  ||  Twitter  || IfTheCityHadAVoice.Com Continue reading Purpose – Drop The Bomb

Hyjak – Straight Jak

Sydney MC Hyjak is best known for his earlier work with his Obese Records signed group, Hyjak N Torcha and for some of the most memorable local battles seen in the 90’s. With his diverse sound that showcases a Sydney street influence from the graffiti writers he grew up with, Hyjak has managed to cement his name amongst the greats of the local scene.  Already in his illustrious career he has performed with the likes of Xzibit, Mobb Deep, Gang Starr, Lord Finesse, Murs, De La Soul and Hilltop Hoods. Hyjak is still a very busy man, appearing on Kerser’s – The Nebulizer release last year … Continue reading Hyjak – Straight Jak

Dutch x Sia – Don’t Mean A Thing

Emerging from Sydney’s hip hop scene, Dutch is currently working on his full length debut album. With a collection of 7 years of involvement in the Sydney Hip Hop world and a growing musical partnership with respected Sydney based producer Espa, Dutch is fast becoming a highly regarded artist with unquestionable potential. In 2008, Dutch released a self titled mixtape and promoted this through performances at various Bondi venues such as The Eastern and The Beach Road Hotel, in 2009 Dutch worked solely on his upcoming album whilst performing around Sydney. In 2010, Dutch supported Phrase on his acclaimed Clockwork tour. Dutch creates … Continue reading Dutch x Sia – Don’t Mean A Thing

Clandestien – ‘Weapons Grade’ Out Now

It’s the return of the chosen ones. Perth’s undisputed Overlords of hardcore; Clandestien, from the mighty Syllabolix Crew, are back in effect. The trio of Tomahawk, Graphic and Mortar have ventured out from the Citadel to once again unleash their trademark darkness upon those who would claim king. They’re back. And this time they’ve bought the whole armoury. Unlike the groups previous releases such as Dynasty 2004 and Chasms of the Citadel 2007, where production was handled predominately by Mortar, here the sonic weaponry has been deployed by a variety of arms dealers. Suffa of the Hilltop Hoods provides a guitar heavy … Continue reading Clandestien – ‘Weapons Grade’ Out Now

Letters To The Sun – Appetizers

Originating from two of the most musically isolated parts of Australia, Perth rapper Coin (of The Stoops / Coin & Taku) and Tasmanian DJ/producer Akouo (Javs & Akouo) have been quietly building a cache of sounds that blend neo-soul, backpack rap and eclectic rhythms. The duo draw inspiration from a range of influences, from hip hop producers such as J Dilla, Pete Rock, Hitek, Exile and 20Syl to neo-soul figures like Amp Fiddler, Erykah Badu and Common. As a member of The Stoops, Coin collaborated with producer J Squared (Illy / Beathedz / Spit Syndicate) on their album Stoop Squared. It … Continue reading Letters To The Sun – Appetizers

Celphysh – Lip Service

Stewart Richards aka Celphysh has been an artist & producer within the Melbourne Hip Hop scene stretching over a decade. Coming up as a battle emcee during the Culture Of Kings era earning him the respect of his peers & those who appreciate a raw performance and hyped stage presence. Driven by quality & integrity he chose to bide his time rather than release something half baked. It’s clear he is not punting for mainstream. Fronting metal bands in the 90’s gives his voice the unique gravel that makes him stand apart from your average local emcee. His aggressive and charismatic … Continue reading Celphysh – Lip Service

Drakezilla – Red Head Redemption

Drakezilla is a prehistoric creature that mutated due to atomic radiation and rose from the depths of the sea to make hot jams with his Atomic Breath… and stomp cities. He has just released a free new banging album titled Red Head Redemption, which is available for free download.  Red Head Redemption features production from Trials (Funkoars), Sammsonite (The Optimen), Engineer, Mdusu, Mules + more. Guests include Smiles Again (Mind Over Matter), Syntax and Johnny Utah. Filmed by Geordie Tarren – Directed & Edited by Drakezilla  Tracklisting: 01 Introview (produced by Drakezilla) 02 Redhead Redemption (produced by Mules) 03 All The Time … Continue reading Drakezilla – Red Head Redemption

Purpose – We Will Be Heard

We Will Be Heard is the first offering from Purpose’s long awaited debut album Where It Starts. Engaging and upbeat, this self-produced song captures the free-spirited restlessness of today’s youth from a fresh faced and honest perspective. Keeping fans tied over with a 3 part mixtape series, Purpose has put his best work to date on what is sure to be an explosive break through debut. Accompanied by an amazing film clip the single We Will Be Heard is available now to purchase from his Bandcamp page below. Digital single features We Will Be Heard (Debate Remix) & exclusive bonus track … Continue reading Purpose – We Will Be Heard

Sarah Connor X Big L – Furious Anger

Hip hop artist and writer from Sydney’s Inner West, Sarah Connor is all about making the impossible possible. Bringing you fresh, inspiring and insightful music, Sarah Connor’s spitfire and intense lyricism brings new blood to the table. Currently setting fires in the studio with Averie Harvey, DJ Maniak (Terminal Illness) and The Digital Assassin (Scotty B – formerly Blades Of Hades). This release is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Check out her latest effort as she raps over Big L’s – Furious Anger. Soundcloud  ||  Facebook Continue reading Sarah Connor X Big L – Furious Anger

MoneyKat – ‘Nothing Is Safe feat. Candice Monique’ Video Clip

MoneyKat is a full blooded album- political, personal and poetic. The debut album from international duo MoneyKat, comprising Omar Musa from Australia and Mighty Joe from California, it spans a diverse range of musical styles and ideas. With production from New Zealand’s Fire and Ice (Scribe, David Dallas), Australian producer Ishu, Mercury prize winning producer Lotek (Roots Manuva, Speech Debelle), Californian producer Count and US rock veteran Geoff Stanfield (Black Lab, Sun Kil Moon), this is an international album with rich sonic texture. The palate of sounds ranges from reggae Nothing is Safe to classic soul-sampled hip hop Each Footstep, … Continue reading MoneyKat – ‘Nothing Is Safe feat. Candice Monique’ Video Clip

Jimblah – Face The Fire

Former Hilltop Hoods Initiative winner Jimblah, is a young Aboriginal man, identifying as Larrakia and Yanuwa. He was born in Broome, in northern Western Australia and grew up in Katherine in the Northern Territory. Jimblah has been living and making music in Adelaide for the last 12 to 13 years. Being a winner of the prestigious Hilltop Hoods Initiative Jimblah has since then become a name that can be associated with such artists as A-Love, BVA from Mnemonic Ascent, Karnage & Darkness and the Last Kinection, to name a few. He has performed at countless festivals including The Spirit Festival, … Continue reading Jimblah – Face The Fire

Seth Sentry – My Scene

By now, it’s safe to say that Seth Sentry is a people-person. His success has been by way of fans, and in the increasingly-divided Australian hip hop scene, he’s respected by all corners. Undoubtedly, a lot of this is owed to the guy’s skills as an MC. He writes great stuff and delivers it like a champ. But a lot of it comes down to the fact that, as a guy, Seth Sentry isn’t caught up in a whole mess of bullshit. While a garden-variety MC’s mandatory shtick is to state, over and over again, who they are and who … Continue reading Seth Sentry – My Scene

Kadyelle – Puppet Strings

Puppet Strings is the first single from Kadyelle’s new studio album, The Theory of Everything due for release in 2012. The track features SBX legends Dazastah, Optamus (of Downsyde),  Hunter & Porsah Laine, along with Perth’s beloved Soma and freshly WA-settled  veteran rapper from VIC, Thorts. The two-part single reps production from The Digital Assassin (formerly of Blades) and Rahjconkas.Vocals and ‘Rahjconkas Mix‘ beat mixed by Aetcix. Touted as being one of the most skillful females in the scene right now, after her solid debut release Earthworthy hit shelves in April 2010 (and later as a free download on Bandcamp). Kadyelle … Continue reading Kadyelle – Puppet Strings

Blades – Future

Newcastle hip hop band Blades welcome the release of their new single, Future. Combining an electric mix of drum and bass, dub-step and electro beats against a hip hop canvas, the trio comprising of Kid Lyrical, Wizadry & Likewyse partner the track with anthem-inspiring rhymes to create the perfect party jam. After establishing a fan base and funding their own trip to perform in Hamburg, Switerland and the Glastonbury Festival in 2008, Blades have managed to create a global sound by retaining an unmistakable Australian grounding in their music. Having already been received well by radio, Future is sure to … Continue reading Blades – Future

Stateovmind – Something For Nothing EP

Short, crisp and delicious are three words that can describe the Debut EP from Canberra’s own Stateovmind. This five track offering serves the listener up a mouth watering selection of clever, poetic and potent wordplay. With classic and fresh home-style flavours which range from the traditional to the more modern and personal. All the while simmering amongst a sound-scape of handpicked drum soaked bass bubbling beats. Delivered by some of Australia’s premier beatsmiths including M-Phazes. Coming from the isolated, forgotten and often criticised Canberra has given Stateovmind the time and space to develop a unique style of home-grown hip hop. Despite … Continue reading Stateovmind – Something For Nothing EP