Word Heist Antiperspirant Official Video

Word Heist is the latest project of Sydney based MC Papa Tear who has teamed up with newcomer Super Serious to create an EP that’s all about Sydney and life in the inner-West. “When we started this project we felt that there was this disconnect between the way Sydney was portrayed to the world and what life is like for people living in this city. Those glossy shots of the Opera House and crowded beaches are great but this cities got so much more, we wanted to try and shine a light on that in the Word Heist EP” – … Continue reading Word Heist Antiperspirant Official Video

Double L Still Waters Run Deep Out Now!

Double L is a young up and coming rapper from Sydney Australia, he has just released his debut EP, titled Still Waters Run Deep.  Released via Obese Records Distribution, Double L has collaborated with fast rising producer Marvelous (MRVLS). Check out the album teaser vid below. Purchase  ||  Facebook Continue reading Double L Still Waters Run Deep Out Now!

Cooking With Caustic From Mercury To Pluto

Hailing from the artistically bountiful Blue Mountains come Cooking With Caustic, a soul/hip hop/funk collective unlike any other. Cooking With Caustic consists of core members Caustic (beats, keys and production), DJ Cost (turntables), Jarv Benaud (bass), Stephen Noble (saxophone), and Marc Brown (trombone). Though they’ve been jamming for years; first meeting whilst working in hospitality together, From Mercury To Pluto is the group’s debut LP. The album pays homage to the classic sounds of 90’s hip hop, as well as focusing on big beat, groove, and turntablism. “Rather than an album being about one vocalist, this is about a collection of … Continue reading Cooking With Caustic From Mercury To Pluto

Mr. Ruckman Drink

Big up Mr Ruckman! His new single Drink dropped last week. Described by the artist as an “epic, melancholy orgy of self-loathing”, the track is produced by Kean and features Mr Ruckman’s younger brother Ike on vox and guitar. Drink is far from your typical celebratory drinking song, but rather a melancholy journey through the mind of a debauched, Bukowski-like wordsmith. This epic single, from Mr.Ruckman’s looming EP Sooner draws on a deliberately jaded and sluggish flow over pounding drums, weeping guitar licks and a contrasting party-esque keys melody. The lyrics meander on the cynicism and social anxieties that typically drive one to drink, whilst … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman Drink

Paulie P Until That Time

Local MC Paulie P was surrounded by music growing up in Denmark. With muso parents, Paulie picked up drumsticks at the age of 11 before jumping into the hip hop scene as a young teenager – even getting to record his first song with local legend Dazastah of Downsyde fame. “When I was 13, I did my first song with Dazastah from Downsyde. “It was a great being that age and having the opportunity to work with someone of that calibre.” From then, it was game on – he started writing and producing beats and, along with a crew, started … Continue reading Paulie P Until That Time

Delta Pyramid Schemes Album Sampler feat. DJ Staen 1

Delta is a living hip hop legend. Known globally for his razor-sharp rhymes, allegiance to hip hop culture and perfectionism, Delta has been honing his craft for over 20 years. On the 14th of February 2014 Delta will be releasing his third album Pyramid Schemes, five years after sophomore album The Second Story was released. Demonstrative of his formidable creative flair, Pyramid Schemes is an opus to behold for any hip hop enthusiast. For listeners less familiar with the genre, Delta epitomises what hip hop is about; intelligent lyricism, selection and structure of quality beats, and honouring the genre in its … Continue reading Delta Pyramid Schemes Album Sampler feat. DJ Staen 1

Calski – Eyes And Ears EP Out Now

Eyes And Ears is MC/producer Calski’s second release through Look Up Records. It follows the debut album Love Drive Commission which scored a place as album of the week on triple j’s hip-hop show. The 5 track EP is a bold blend of social commentary and straight up flexing, addressing issue’s relevant to all Australians and some particular to the national Hip Hop community. “Calski won’t stop. He is sonically deep, lyrically honest and brutally disciplined. So act like you know and peep the production or check the discography in 15 years and ask yourself how you missed him.” DJ … Continue reading Calski – Eyes And Ears EP Out Now

Aphsub – The Scoville Unit LP

The Scoville Unit is the mind numbingly hot follow-up to Aphsub‘s 2011 hip hop LP, The Crust. This venerable selection of homegrown chilli infused delights includes ingredients by featured guest producers Trials , Koolta (2011 Hilltop Hoods Initiative winner) and J57 (Brown Bag AllStars, New York) alongside Aphsub‘s own Sublime and DJ Ollie. To garnish, expect a tempting selection of guest vocals by Evan The Evolve, Koncept (Brown Bag AllStars, New York) and Rani Simone. These elements are mixed together by Aphsub members Sev (MC), Sublime (MC, Production), Perennial (MC) and DJ Ollie (Production, DJ) to create a meal for the mind … Continue reading Aphsub – The Scoville Unit LP

Mr. Ruckman – The Born Again Humanist

Emerging triumphantly from where his debut signed off, The Born-Again Humanist shows a ‘re-born’ artist expressing new and developed ideas and values. Born-Again not in the traditional religious sense, but in fact the contrary, with evolution and humanism being the underlying theme throughout. Mr. Ruckman presents lyrics of a profound nature and skilful caliber, complimenting the raw production of local musicians to acclaimed hip-hop producers Simplex and Jacob Giles. From writing eloquently on controversial subjects to exploring human nature, Mr. Ruckman breaks free of conventional hip-hop topics and speaks on the importance of knowledge, freedom of speech, secularism, reason and forward thinking. … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman – The Born Again Humanist

Hyjack – All I Need Official Video

Hyjak dropped his debut album The Light At The End Of The Tunnel a couple of weeks ago to everyone’s relief. The quality of music displayed right through the release is undeniable, it’s plain to see Hyjak’s been very busy. Hyjak has returned with his first solo studio album since 2009, feeling the pressure of having to stand on his own two feet as a solo artist he returns more focused and lyrically articulate than ever! The Light At The End Of The Tunnel is a roller coaster ride of emotions with lyrics painting pictures to make the listener feel the … Continue reading Hyjack – All I Need Official Video

Music News: Hyjak – The Light At The End Of The Tunnel 12.07.13

Hyjak has returned with his first solo studio album since 2009, feeling the pressure of having to stand on his own two feet as a solo artist he returns more focused and lyrically articulate than ever! The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a roller coaster ride of emotions with lyrics painting pictures to make the listener feel the pain and triumph as Hyjak relives past experiences through his music. From the first few seconds of the intro Hyjak lays his cards on the table and it becomes evident he is dissecting his own faults to make himself a … Continue reading Music News: Hyjak – The Light At The End Of The Tunnel 12.07.13

Kimence – One View

Kimence has been writing for most of her life. As a young person, writing poetry aided her to rationalize and evolve through troubled times. Since then, Kimence’s relationship with the pen has not only become rewarding, but empowering. Testament to Kimence’s knack for networking, One View includes production mastery from some of our country’s best. Including Simplex of Terra Firma, Suffa from Hilltop Hoods, Trials of Funkoars, Admin, Psycho Les of NYC group The Beatnuts. Among the hand-picked vocal contributors are K21, Simplex, Alerts, Psycho Les, Raph A.L., Mnops, Monsta Ganjah, Tana Kingi & Jayde Lowther. Title track, One View sees … Continue reading Kimence – One View

Bitter Belief – The Gallery (Out Now!)

Perth native Bitter Belief (Syllabolix) drops his sophomore album The Gallery through Obese Records Distribution today! The LP features the likes of The Tongue, Purpose, Briggs, Hau, Creed Birch, Mr Grevis and more. With producer Creed Birch handling most of the album’s production, the two have been working together for years developing their sound. Production credits also include M-Phazes, Cam Bluff and Rob Shaker, who also handled cuts, mixing and mastering. You can purchase The Gallery here. Bandcamp  ||  Twitter  ||  Facebook  ||  Purchase Continue reading Bitter Belief – The Gallery (Out Now!)

Sarm: Self Titled Debut Album, Out Now!

Presenting the self-titled debut album from Sarm of the acclaimed Sydney duo That’s Them. Featuring guest spots from undisputed kings Kerser, Rates, Fraksha, Tornts, Dialectrix and Rinse (Bingethinkers), with production by Nebs, the album burns its way across your ears the same way the intense orange of the 6 panel digipack sizzles across your retina. Never one for the same old humdrum, Sarm contrasts the sharp grime style of Fraksha with the mellow flow of Dialectrix, and the snappy bravado of tracks like I’ll Abuse You For Fun with the devastatingly honest When You Hear This. Out now through LookUp & Obese Distribution, Sarm … Continue reading Sarm: Self Titled Debut Album, Out Now!

Rates – Destroy & Rebuild

Much could be said about Rates… an artist, a musician, a good humble guy, or a raging lunatic… either way, he is fast making an impression on the rap scene. Older brother to one of Australia’s most promising and talented artists Kerser and best mate to Jay Dee. Rates is well known for describing this lifestyle and often giving good advice to kids and people in the same situation. This fact is evident on I Rap Because, simply stating why he chose this life and provoking quite alot of thought along the way. Rates has toured all over the country … Continue reading Rates – Destroy & Rebuild

Kerser & Rates: We Here Now Regional Tour

Following the success of Kerser’s No Rest For The Sickest Tour earlier this year, the infamous emcee hits the road for the second time in 2013 due to popular demand, accompanied by brother Rates and hype man Jay Dee. The Kerser and Rates – We Here Now Regional Tour kicks off on the 5th of June in NSW, the tour will make its way around regional Australia throughout June and July. On top of Kerser and Rates having just released their single We Here Now together (now available on iTunes), Rates is also due to release his debut album Rebuild & Destroy later … Continue reading Kerser & Rates: We Here Now Regional Tour

Obese Records – Frankston Store Opening

Obese Records, Australia’s first hip hop label, was established in 1995 as a small record store originally named OB’s. After the business was bought and renamed by Tirren Staaf (Pegz) in 2002, the label was created as an outlet for the distribution of Australian hip-hop. Melbourne’s emcee Reason with his album Solid, was the first release on the label, closely followed by the scene-defining Culture of Kings and Obesecity compilations. Over the course of its twelve years, Obese Records has seen success stories such as Hilltop Hoods, Muph & Plutonic, Drapht, Illy, release award winning albums, play to crowds of … Continue reading Obese Records – Frankston Store Opening

Full Tote Odds – Adrenaline

Adelaide Hills hip hop collective Full Tote Odds are thrilled to announce the release their debut album Place Your Bets through Obese Records distribution. With two already highly rotated and successful singles and music videos for Southern Wind and What’s Going Down, the release of Place Your Bets is destined to ensure Full Tote Odds receive recognition as premier talents in the world of Australian hip hop. Their latest single, Adrenaline, is sure to repeat the success on the airwaves as its predecessors Southern Wind and What’s Going Down. With its insistent guitar line, world class flow and massive vocal … Continue reading Full Tote Odds – Adrenaline

Kerser – No Rest For The Sickest

Kerser, the now infamous champion of the Australian underground, is back with his second album No Rest For The Sickest. Joining forces with production don Nebs once again, the symbiotic duo continues to strengthen their unique sound, one which has taken the country by storm. With less than one year between releases, Kerser’s debut effort The Nebulizer ran down the gates of convention, and in its wake generated a new sub culture captained by the brazen emcee. Thousands now hang on his every tweet, facebook update, wait anxiously for his next YouTube clip. Defiant his music remained untainted by the … Continue reading Kerser – No Rest For The Sickest

Dialect & Despair – New Testament feat. Total Eclipse

From their upcoming second album Self Evident comes Dialect & Despair’s lead single New Testament, produced by Despair, with cuts by Total Eclipse (The X-Ecutioners), and performed by Dialect. The track sets the tone for the whole record; with its emphasis on sharp lyricism, and supreme production. “Music/Hip Hop is not limited to what’s popular or current, it is very much a feeling. So we are making records for our generation of Hip Hop fans to be appreciated in any era, whilst pushing the art forward.” -Dialect Thematically, the album focuses on the cultural experience of Hip Hop, and speaks on … Continue reading Dialect & Despair – New Testament feat. Total Eclipse

One Sixth – Electronic Mail (Out Now)

One Sixth has been hip hop’s best kept secret for too long. Today, the brilliant young lyricist has released his highly anticipated debut album Electronic Mail through local indie label Pang Productions together with Obese Distribution. After winning the prestigious Hilltop Hoods Initiative in 2010, buzz surrounding One Sixth’s first LP has been building rapidly.  Bolstered by his memorable on-stage presence, and frequent stand-out guest verses, One Sixth’s name is constantly dropped by the local hip hop elite (usually in the context of “most promising” or “favourite” Australian rapper). Notoriously personable and comical, One-Sixth has connections among all facets of the … Continue reading One Sixth – Electronic Mail (Out Now)

One-Sixth – Round The Sun

One-Sixth has been Melbourne’s best kept secret for too long. In August 2012 the brilliant young lyricist will release his debut album Electronic Mail through local indie label Pang Productions together with Obese Distribution. The brilliant lead single Round The Sun is a rich insight to what is sure to be a new benchmark album for local hip hop. With production from long-time comrades Charles Parker and Tony Wolf, the beat encompasses a mélange of vintage vocal samples, driving basslines and melancholy woodwind loops. The track is especially sacred to One Sixth being one of the last opportunities he had … Continue reading One-Sixth – Round The Sun

Koolta – The Extraordinary Average Joe

Koolta’s long awaited debut album. Since winning the Hilltop Hoods Initiative in 2011 ($10 000 grant from APRA and HH to help in the release of a debut album) this young MC/Producer from Adelaide has hit the ground running. Having already released two well received independent EPs, Koolta continues his DIY ethic handling all production, writing, recording and mixing on the new album. The Extraordinary Average Joe is not your standard local Hip Hop album. This is music that lives up to this bold statement. Koolta has crafted multi-layered instrumentals with the use of live instrumentation and synths, rather than … Continue reading Koolta – The Extraordinary Average Joe

Xidus Pain (UK) & Johnny Crates (AUS) – Crates of Pain LP

Crates Of Pain is a raw uncut hip hop album entirely produced by Melbourne’s Johnny Crates, starring the premium writing abilities of Xidus Painfrom the UK. Featuring guest spots from songstress Renee Soul on Know The Way and cuts by Peterborough DJ, beatboxer and producer Shure Fya, who blesses the album with some prime cuts on Pen Play, Play Pen as well as Game Genie. The track Game Genie is a packed with countless double entendres and metaphors over smooth hypnotic beats. The concept of the track is based around the old school game Genie Converters for Sega Mega (Genesis). … Continue reading Xidus Pain (UK) & Johnny Crates (AUS) – Crates of Pain LP

Jake Biz – Commercial Hell

It’s been many years in the brewing, now finally Brisbane underground hip hop legend Jake Biz’s debut album Commercial Hell is ready for the tasting. Riding off the back of his highly successful debut single, Deuce Deuce, Commercial Hell is set for national release on Karsniogenics through Obese Records Distribution on May 18, 2012. Commercial Hell was produced by Jake Biz’s long time friend and fellow 750 Rebel Overproof Pete –aka Brookes Cullings and features valuable contributions by crew members and old mates including the legendary Lazy Grey, DJ Lopsided, Bigfoot, Tornts, Ken Oath and Fluent Form. Commercial Hell is … Continue reading Jake Biz – Commercial Hell

Tom Showtime – The Jam Thief

Tom Showtime’s – The Jam Thief is an eclectic fusion of jazzy hip-hop, down tempo beats and nu-funk. The explosive leadoff single Spaces & Places featured the international input of legendary US rapper Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), UK ex-pat Lotek and Ash.One (AUS). Evidently, this multifaceted talent did not plateau there; the lead single was merely a taste of his stellar album a year in the crafting. With a range of standout tracks including Nature Horn Killer (Tom’s tribute to Charlie Parker), Jazz Biscuits and The Every Sound Track, The Jam Thief takes the listener on a sample heavy journey displaying … Continue reading Tom Showtime – The Jam Thief

Tom Showtime – Spaces & Places feat. Gift Of Gab, Lotek & Ash One

With his eclectic debut album The Jam Thief out in April 2012, Melbournes most intriguing musical multi-takser Tom Showtime presents his first single Spaces & Places featuring Gift Of Gab, Lotek & Ash One. Tom Showtime is a man of many guises. At first glance one may simply take him for your humble local DJ, but upon further investigation this dexterous character also claims the labels Producer, Saxophonist and gramophone enthusiast. Spaces & Places exhibits Tom Showtime’s worldclass production expertise, with its hypnotic bass-heavy synth setting the scene for all three lyrical guests to execute their interstellar narrative. A global hip hop collaboration, … Continue reading Tom Showtime – Spaces & Places feat. Gift Of Gab, Lotek & Ash One

Clandestien – Weapons Grade

It’s the return of the chosen ones, Perth’s undisputed overlords of hardcore, Clandestien from the mighty Syllabolix Crew are back in effect. The trio of Tomahawk, Graphic, and Mortar have ventured out from the citadel to once again unleash their trademark darkness upon those who would claim king. They’re back, and this time they’ve bought the whole armory. An armory full of weaponry in the form of hip hop at its most razor-sharp. Weapons Grade, the groups forth release, sees the cohort combine their venomous lyrical prowess teamed with a gang of the countries standout bomb manufacturers to conjure up … Continue reading Clandestien – Weapons Grade