Word Heist Antiperspirant Official Video

Word Heist is the latest project of Sydney based MC Papa Tear who has teamed up with newcomer Super Serious to create an EP that’s all about Sydney and life in the inner-West. “When we started this project we felt that there was this disconnect between the way Sydney was portrayed to the world and what life is like for people living in this city. Those glossy shots of the Opera House and crowded beaches are great but this cities got so much more, we wanted to try and shine a light on that in the Word Heist EP” – … Continue reading Word Heist Antiperspirant Official Video

Double L Still Waters Run Deep Out Now!

Double L is a young up and coming rapper from Sydney Australia, he has just released his debut EP, titled Still Waters Run Deep.  Released via Obese Records Distribution, Double L has collaborated with fast rising producer Marvelous (MRVLS). Check out the album teaser vid below. Purchase  ||  Facebook Continue reading Double L Still Waters Run Deep Out Now!

Cooking With Caustic From Mercury To Pluto

Hailing from the artistically bountiful Blue Mountains come Cooking With Caustic, a soul/hip hop/funk collective unlike any other. Cooking With Caustic consists of core members Caustic (beats, keys and production), DJ Cost (turntables), Jarv Benaud (bass), Stephen Noble (saxophone), and Marc Brown (trombone). Though they’ve been jamming for years; first meeting whilst working in hospitality together, From Mercury To Pluto is the group’s debut LP. The album pays homage to the classic sounds of 90’s hip hop, as well as focusing on big beat, groove, and turntablism. “Rather than an album being about one vocalist, this is about a collection of … Continue reading Cooking With Caustic From Mercury To Pluto

Mr. Ruckman Drink

Big up Mr Ruckman! His new single Drink dropped last week. Described by the artist as an “epic, melancholy orgy of self-loathing”, the track is produced by Kean and features Mr Ruckman’s younger brother Ike on vox and guitar. Drink is far from your typical celebratory drinking song, but rather a melancholy journey through the mind of a debauched, Bukowski-like wordsmith. This epic single, from Mr.Ruckman’s looming EP Sooner draws on a deliberately jaded and sluggish flow over pounding drums, weeping guitar licks and a contrasting party-esque keys melody. The lyrics meander on the cynicism and social anxieties that typically drive one to drink, whilst … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman Drink

Paulie P Until That Time

Local MC Paulie P was surrounded by music growing up in Denmark. With muso parents, Paulie picked up drumsticks at the age of 11 before jumping into the hip hop scene as a young teenager – even getting to record his first song with local legend Dazastah of Downsyde fame. “When I was 13, I did my first song with Dazastah from Downsyde. “It was a great being that age and having the opportunity to work with someone of that calibre.” From then, it was game on – he started writing and producing beats and, along with a crew, started … Continue reading Paulie P Until That Time

Delta Pyramid Schemes Album Sampler feat. DJ Staen 1

Delta is a living hip hop legend. Known globally for his razor-sharp rhymes, allegiance to hip hop culture and perfectionism, Delta has been honing his craft for over 20 years. On the 14th of February 2014 Delta will be releasing his third album Pyramid Schemes, five years after sophomore album The Second Story was released. Demonstrative of his formidable creative flair, Pyramid Schemes is an opus to behold for any hip hop enthusiast. For listeners less familiar with the genre, Delta epitomises what hip hop is about; intelligent lyricism, selection and structure of quality beats, and honouring the genre in its … Continue reading Delta Pyramid Schemes Album Sampler feat. DJ Staen 1