Xidus Pain (UK) & Johnny Crates (AUS) – Crates of Pain LP

Crates Of Pain is a raw uncut hip hop album entirely produced by Melbourne’s Johnny Crates, starring the premium writing abilities of Xidus Painfrom the UK. Featuring guest spots from songstress Renee Soul on Know The Way and cuts by Peterborough DJ, beatboxer and producer Shure Fya, who blesses the album with some prime cuts on Pen Play, Play Pen as well as Game Genie.

The track Game Genie is a packed with countless double entendres and metaphors over smooth hypnotic beats. The concept of the track is based around the old school game Genie Converters for Sega Mega (Genesis). The game genie enabled the player to cheat through a varied sequence of codes, due to the track been written in a complex sequence, the listener can decipher the codes, or just take the song on face value.

This project came about after UK rapper Xidus Pain (a member of Chess Move Cartel crew and Guerrilla Republik) was given the beat album Diggaz For Life by Dr Shrink & Idem, after which Xidus wrote to one of Idem’s beats.

Melbourne hip hop producer extraordinaire Johnny Crates, previously known as Idem, has a rich history with Australia’s underground elite hip hop artists which dates back to the ’90’s. Including working alongside the likes of Prowla, Trem, Raise, as well as fellow Positive Direction group members Seany B (also of The Statesman) and Ron Rugged. It has been 15 years since his last collaboration with an emcee.

The beauty of Crates of Pain lies in its variation of styles, each song is approached differently, yet still manages to blend well. Whether you’re a hip hop head or not, the wordplay, beats, and unique fusion of two very different artists, will have your head nodding.

Track List:
Pen Play, Play Pen
Best Kept
Xp’s Windows
Bargain Bars
Know The Way – Feat. Renee Soul
Where Im From
Game Genie
Well Formed
Know Pain, Know Gain
Hamik Track
Reflective Txt
Pain Relief
Piece Of Mind

Out today through Immortal Music. Distributed by Obese Records.

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