Johnny Idem & Ron Rugged

Johnny “Idem” Crates & Ron “Madhat” Rugged originally 2/3 of the 1990 Melbourne Hip-Hop crew Positive Direction. Idem was about to release an album with Trem in 1995 but was never completed but produced 3 tracks on Prowla’s first tape in 1994 and produced Raise’s album – The Essence in 1996 for Nuff Said Records.  Also releasing 10 breaks samples LP’s out on vinyl which went worldwide. In 1992 Ron made a link with Shan Frenzie for a multitude of live shows and tracks. The two later joined with Melbourne’s own Code of Ethics (MC Pluto and his producer Blackout), to create … Continue reading Johnny Idem & Ron Rugged

Xidus Pain (UK) & Johnny Crates (AUS) – Crates of Pain LP

Crates Of Pain is a raw uncut hip hop album entirely produced by Melbourne’s Johnny Crates, starring the premium writing abilities of Xidus Painfrom the UK. Featuring guest spots from songstress Renee Soul on Know The Way and cuts by Peterborough DJ, beatboxer and producer Shure Fya, who blesses the album with some prime cuts on Pen Play, Play Pen as well as Game Genie. The track Game Genie is a packed with countless double entendres and metaphors over smooth hypnotic beats. The concept of the track is based around the old school game Genie Converters for Sega Mega (Genesis). … Continue reading Xidus Pain (UK) & Johnny Crates (AUS) – Crates of Pain LP