Johnny Idem & Ron Rugged

Johnny “Idem” Crates & Ron “Madhat” Rugged originally 2/3 of the 1990 Melbourne Hip-Hop crew Positive Direction. Idem was about to release an album with Trem in 1995 but was never completed but produced 3 tracks on Prowla’s first tape in 1994 and produced Raise’s album – The Essence in 1996 for Nuff Said Records


Also releasing 10 breaks samples LP’s out on vinyl which went worldwide. In 1992 Ron made a link with Shan Frenzie for a multitude of live shows and tracks. The two later joined with Melbourne’s own Code of Ethics (MC Pluto and his producer Blackout), to create the group Acapulco Gold.

After a couple of tours to Brisbane Ron then also joined forces with Lazy Grey & DJ Damage to become part of the crew known as Towering Inferno. Who went on to perform at many live shows in Brisbane. Idem & Ron have teamed again up since 2010 and are back on track with the release of their self titled album Johnny Idem & Ron Rugged. A combination of underground beats, cuts and rhymes for the true school. CD available at all good underground record stores nationwide, with digital distribution handled by Obese Records.

Track Listing:
01. Theatrical Entrance
02. Back On Track
03. Territory
04. The Big Smoke
05. Ahh Yeh
06. Footprints Feat. Reason
07. Scribble It Down
08. Predictions
09. Check It Out
10. Bringin It
11. I B Diggin
12. Beats & an Emcee
13. Spirit Box
14. Crazy Raw
15. System Breaker
16. Shayla Says

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