Hyjack – All I Need Official Video

Hyjak dropped his debut album The Light At The End Of The Tunnel a couple of weeks ago to everyone’s relief. The quality of music displayed right through the release is undeniable, it’s plain to see Hyjak’s been very busy.

Hyjak The Light at the End of the Tunnel Arwork_zps375159af

Hyjak has returned with his first solo studio album since 2009, feeling the pressure of having to stand on his own two feet as a solo artist he returns more focused and lyrically articulate than ever!

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel is a roller coaster ride of emotions with lyrics painting pictures to make the listener feel the pain and triumph as Hyjak relives past experiences through his music. From the first few seconds of the intro Hyjak lays his cards on the table and it becomes evident he is dissecting his own faults to make himself a stronger mc. This is not just another album, it is Hyjak’s most honest autobiographical releases to date.

With production from various producers such as Ciecmate, Pokerbeats and Joelistics this release also proves to be his most musically diverse releases to date. Also featuring a wide range of guest m.c’s such as P. Smurf, Hau and Brooklyn native Rock from Heltah Skeltah (Bootcamp Click) – it becomes evident this is a heavyweight release. With so many releases coming out from laptops in bedrooms, Hyjak wanted to give his fans an album that stands out from the rest.

This LP was carefully engineered and crafted on a large format console using nothing but world class analogue and digital gear creating a sound that proves to be timeless.

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