Jake Biz – Commercial Hell

It’s been many years in the brewing, now finally Brisbane underground hip hop legend Jake Biz’s debut album Commercial Hell is ready for the tasting. Riding off the back of his highly successful debut single, Deuce Deuce, Commercial Hell is set for national release on Karsniogenics through Obese Records Distribution on May 18, 2012.

Commercial Hell was produced by Jake Biz’s long time friend and fellow 750 Rebel Overproof Pete –aka Brookes Cullings and features valuable contributions by crew members and old mates including the legendary Lazy Grey, DJ Lopsided, Bigfoot, Tornts, Ken Oath and Fluent Form.

Commercial Hell is a self-assured rap album without pretense, born out of a love and knowledge of the rap classics of years gone by and the south side working class suburbs of Brisbane. It is the antithesis of every record attempting to cross into the mainstream and whilst it may appear quite a confrontational album upon first listen, it plays out as more a tongue (firmly planted) in cheek observation of Australia’s hip hop scene in its current state.

“The title track itself addresses the “Australian Idol” mentality of many local rappers who search for fame and acclaim without investing time and genuine passion into their craft,” explains Jake Biz. “It also blatantly hints at the role commercial radio has been playing in pushing these stereotypical “paint by numbers” MC’s while completely ignoring far more deserving veteran underground artists.” The production techniques of Overproof Pete seamlessly blend with the Biz’s vocal style in a combination born of many years shared experiences.

“Having known Peter for so long, growing up together and entering the rap game together, no one else could’ve provided and crafted the sonic landscape for my raps,” says Biz. “Having Proof produce the entire record was a no brainer. We both share similar views on life and the same general goal and vision for street level rap music coming out of this country.” Jake Biz is rightfully proud of his debut long player and the blood, sweat and biff that have gone into molding every aspect of the final work. “Weeks of deliberation went into the eventual track listing while three and half years were spent in the studio attempting to hone both sound and substance,” Biz concludes.

“This is an album not a collection of tracks. We’ve attempted to craft something classic in the tradition of those albums that came before it and those albums that’ll be considered timeless ten years from now.”

Karsniogenics have put together a Limited Edition (300) Jake Biz package deal including: 1 x 7″ Vinyl (A-Side Deuce Deuce, B-Side Frontline Approach featuring the 750 Rebels including Lazy Grey, Bigfoot & Ken Oath). 1 x White or Black Jake Biz Commercial Hell T-Shirt. 1 x Digital Download Card with codes to reedeem bonus instrumentals and accapellas. You can grab this limited edition pack right now by following the purchase link below.

Commercial Hell is available on May 18, 2012.

Track List:
1. Introductions Aside
2. Commercial Hell
3. Anti B-Boy
4. Fuck A Guest Spot (F.A.G.S)
5. Gloves Off! feat. OVerproof Pete
6. Bitch, Don’t Touch My Records! Pt.1 (Skit)
7. Deuce Deuce
8. The Relentless feat. Kings Konekted
9. MC Who?
10. Flavor Of The Month feat. Lazy Grey
11. Mercy Killings feat. Fluent Form, Ken Oath, Tornts & Bigfoot
12. Bitch, Don’t Touch My Records! Pt.2 (Skit)
13. You Don’t Know Shit
14. Gin & Tektonic
15. Bitch, Don’t Touch My Records! Pt.3 (Skit)
16. Brisbane Bullshit
17. DJ Lopsided In Deep Masturbation
18. Frontline Approach feat. 750 Rebels
19. Shoutro

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