Jake Biz – Commercial Hell

It’s been many years in the brewing, now finally Brisbane underground hip hop legend Jake Biz’s debut album Commercial Hell is ready for the tasting. Riding off the back of his highly successful debut single, Deuce Deuce, Commercial Hell is set for national release on Karsniogenics through Obese Records Distribution on May 18, 2012. Commercial Hell was produced by Jake Biz’s long time friend and fellow 750 Rebel Overproof Pete –aka Brookes Cullings and features valuable contributions by crew members and old mates including the legendary Lazy Grey, DJ Lopsided, Bigfoot, Tornts, Ken Oath and Fluent Form. Commercial Hell is … Continue reading Jake Biz – Commercial Hell

Jake Biz – Deuce Deuce

Karsniogenics Records is pleased to announce the launch of the first Jake Biz single Deuce Deuce in lead up the release of his debut album Commercial Hell. The Deuce Deuce single features production from Brookes Cullings and cuts by DJ Lopsided. In celebration to the single which is out now, Karsniogenics have put together a Limited Edition (300) Jake Biz package deal including: 1 x 7″ Vinyl (A-Side Deuce Deuce, B-Side Frontline Approach featuring the 750 Rebels including Lazy Grey, Bigfoot & Ken Oath). 1 x White or Black Jake Biz Commercial Hell T-Shirt. 1 x Digital Download Card with codes to … Continue reading Jake Biz – Deuce Deuce

Bigfoot Interview – Giant Steps: Imbeciles, Inoffensive Smooth Talking & Emo-Rhymers

aahh: After years and years of waiting, we’ve finally copped the debut LP from “giant” of the scene Bigfoot. Why has it taken so long for us all to see a full length Bigfoot solo album? Bigfoot: I spent a lot of time working on music for other people, doing shows, moving house a whole lot of times, paying bills & laying on my back in hospital.  I’ve never had somewhere stable to record everything, as evidenced by the number of different studios “Giant Steps” was recorded in, so I could never complete tracks to my satisfaction until recently.  I … Continue reading Bigfoot Interview – Giant Steps: Imbeciles, Inoffensive Smooth Talking & Emo-Rhymers

Tornts – The Deadbrain Diaries (Sept. 3)

Staggering out of the radioactive fog that tolls the end for the rotten city crumbling behind comes Tornts, the shuffle of dead feet the only sound in this blasted landscape. The Deadbrain Diaries charts the final, terminal years of a tumoured city. The last, brief flares of light spark from amber glass to sharp steel and rough paper. Tornts has unleashed a furious tirade, raging against the indifference of the bone grinding machine and the piss stained nightmares on every street corner. This is the staggering power of the Tornts juggernaut at full throttle. As one of the leaders of … Continue reading Tornts – The Deadbrain Diaries (Sept. 3)