Dialect & Despair – New Testament feat. Total Eclipse

From their upcoming second album Self Evident comes Dialect & Despair’s lead single New Testament, produced by Despair, with cuts by Total Eclipse (The X-Ecutioners), and performed by Dialect. The track sets the tone for the whole record; with its emphasis on sharp lyricism, and supreme production.

Music/Hip Hop is not limited to what’s popular or current, it is very much a feeling. So we are making records for our generation of Hip Hop fans to be appreciated in any era, whilst pushing the art forward.” -Dialect

Thematically, the album focuses on the cultural experience of Hip Hop, and speaks on D&D’s dedication to the craft. New Testament –as its name suggests, is a declaration to the music and the culture of Hip Hop, acknowledging tradition and its place among today’s society.

Behold the New Testament. Our offering to those already listening or new to Dialect & Despair, that we are carrying the tradition and spirit of the culture that raised us for a new generation and era who appreciate Hip Hop unaffected by sales or a market. But rather built on a love for an art form. We hope you enjoy our new single!” – Dialect & Despair

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