Dialect & Despair – Self Evident

Few rival the dedication Adelaide hip hop duo Dialect & Despair show their genre. The young pair; emcee Dialect 22 and producer Despair 26, have already earned themselves international notoriety as a result of their infallible commitment to keeping hip hop culture alive. D & D have evolved since the release of debut album The Vortex in 2010, with their rare quality of emcee/producer synchronicity strengthened and all manner of new experiences under their belts. Due for release on October 31st 2012, Dialect & Despair’s second album Self Evident is testament to their passion for their craft, its culture and … Continue reading Dialect & Despair – Self Evident

Dialect & Despair – New Testament feat. Total Eclipse

From their upcoming second album Self Evident comes Dialect & Despair’s lead single New Testament, produced by Despair, with cuts by Total Eclipse (The X-Ecutioners), and performed by Dialect. The track sets the tone for the whole record; with its emphasis on sharp lyricism, and supreme production. “Music/Hip Hop is not limited to what’s popular or current, it is very much a feeling. So we are making records for our generation of Hip Hop fans to be appreciated in any era, whilst pushing the art forward.” -Dialect Thematically, the album focuses on the cultural experience of Hip Hop, and speaks on … Continue reading Dialect & Despair – New Testament feat. Total Eclipse

Dialect & Despair – New Testament featuring Total Eclipse

Uknowho Records are pleased to present the brand new single from South Australian duo Dialect & Despair. The track titled New Testament features Total Exlipse from the X-Ecutioners and is the lead single from their soon to be released album Self Evident. You can grab the track right now from iTunes by following the link below. Video Credits: A Studio Sunkie | Young Black Youth production. Director / Producer / Production Designer / Director of Photography – Nima Nabili Rad. Co-Producer / Editor / Colourist – Daniel Principe. Co-Producer / Production Designer – Justin Pollheim.  Purchase  ||  Uknowho Records  || … Continue reading Dialect & Despair – New Testament featuring Total Eclipse