Mr. Ruckman Drink

Big up Mr Ruckman! His new single Drink dropped last week. Described by the artist as an “epic, melancholy orgy of self-loathing”, the track is produced by Kean and features Mr Ruckman’s younger brother Ike on vox and guitar.


Drink is far from your typical celebratory drinking song, but rather a melancholy journey through the mind of a debauched, Bukowski-like wordsmith. This epic single, from Mr.Ruckman’s looming EP Sooner draws on a deliberately jaded and sluggish flow over pounding drums, weeping guitar licks and a contrasting party-esque keys melody.

The lyrics meander on the cynicism and social anxieties that typically drive one to drink, whilst painting a poetical picture of a desperate man trying to maintain his dwindling sanity.

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