Mr. Ruckman Sooner Or Later

​Shrewd emcee Mr. Ruckman has been writing and recording songs for well over a decade, toiling away in the underground for several years and generating interest through his passionate music and lively performances. His newest two-part project, follows a simplistic, almost mundane approach in its concept, with each song topic focusing on a specific verb, be it abstract, ironic or just straight literal. Such limitations could be considered a creative-hinderance to an artist, but Mr. Ruckman proves the contrary with refreshingly canny results. The concept comes from a place of monotony, with Mr. Ruckman feeling as though his passion is … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman Sooner Or Later

Mr. Ruckman Drink

Big up Mr Ruckman! His new single Drink dropped last week. Described by the artist as an “epic, melancholy orgy of self-loathing”, the track is produced by Kean and features Mr Ruckman’s younger brother Ike on vox and guitar. Drink is far from your typical celebratory drinking song, but rather a melancholy journey through the mind of a debauched, Bukowski-like wordsmith. This epic single, from Mr.Ruckman’s looming EP Sooner draws on a deliberately jaded and sluggish flow over pounding drums, weeping guitar licks and a contrasting party-esque keys melody. The lyrics meander on the cynicism and social anxieties that typically drive one to drink, whilst … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman Drink