Release Day: Mr. Ruckman Sooner EP

Shrewd emcee Mr. Ruckman (evolved from the former Kade MC) has been writing and recording songs for over a decade, toiling away in the underground for several years and generating interest through his passionate music and lively performances. Mr. Ruckman has grown a lot over the last year, from launching his debut album The Ruckman Record to a full capacity venue in mid 2012 – which saw release on iTunes and into commercial stores, to receiving radio play on the triple j hip hop show. All before shedding his ‘Kade MC’ shell in the new year of 2013 to become the more … Continue reading Release Day: Mr. Ruckman Sooner EP

Mr. Ruckman Drink

Big up Mr Ruckman! His new single Drink dropped last week. Described by the artist as an “epic, melancholy orgy of self-loathing”, the track is produced by Kean and features Mr Ruckman’s younger brother Ike on vox and guitar. Drink is far from your typical celebratory drinking song, but rather a melancholy journey through the mind of a debauched, Bukowski-like wordsmith. This epic single, from Mr.Ruckman’s looming EP Sooner draws on a deliberately jaded and sluggish flow over pounding drums, weeping guitar licks and a contrasting party-esque keys melody. The lyrics meander on the cynicism and social anxieties that typically drive one to drink, whilst … Continue reading Mr. Ruckman Drink

Hip Hop Youtube

Here are a few hip hop related Youtube clips that are worth checking out. Questions Lounge feat. B wiv Deece (Rise Promo Video) Great promo video for B Wiv Deece’s – Rise In Peace (May 1st). Microphone Madness – Force & Sparts (Powerlines EP) New clip for Force & Sparts – Microphone Madenss, taken from their Powerlines EP. The track is produced by Wik and the clip shot and edited by B Wiv. Swarmy & PSYKEone – Onetwo Swarmy and PSYKEone get busy on a short track titled Onetwo. Kade Mc vs The Tongue (Final) Kade Mc vs The Tongue … Continue reading Hip Hop Youtube